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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Media Essay|
By Sierra-Nicole Richardson|
Period 5|


Every advertisement delivers a message, whether to persuade you or to inform you. For my example advertisement, I will be using Proactive. With proactive they use so many ways to persuade their target audience to buy their product. The target audience is young people (between the ages of 16-36) who have bad acne. By using different propaganda techniques, proactive always ends up making a sale. The overall message that this company is trying to push across to their audience is “once you buy our product you will live a happier and stress-free life while using proactive”. In proactive commercials they use different propaganda techniques. They use the following techniques: Bandwagon, Testimonial, and Transfer in just about 85% of their commercials. In their commercial they always display how happy and proud people are from using their products by doing a short documentary interview. With their customers smiling and the company showing their before and after photos of their clients. By them showing past clients they’re trying to get an increase in their sales. Showing happiness is apart of the media using emotional appeal.

In the commercials, one of the propaganda techniques they use is bandwagon. They have customers state at the end of their interview how if it can help clear up their acne, black heads, and make their blemishes disappear then it can do the same for you too. Bandwagon plays a tremendous roll in the persuasive commercial. They figured if they can get previous customers to tell their proactive stories on national television it could help push their point across not only in the United States but all around the world. With propaganda on their company’s side they have the mindset that they can persuade and win over any one. Another propaganda technique that is being used id is testimonial. With the testimonial technique they have used singer/song writer Katy...
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