Tv Ads

Topics: Infomercial, Television advertisement, Marketing Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: April 25, 2013
TV Ads
The effect of TV ad, or any other form of advertising, can and has been measured on a variety of criteria. Advertising recall, massage comprehension, product awareness and knowledge. Attitude toward and intentions to buy the advertised product are some of the more frequently used commercial and product related measures of advertising effectiveness.’

TV ads tell us a lot about ourselves. For example, commercials tend to appear on the radio, football game where a lot of people are watching, and in on television. Advertisement is seen many times especially on television. Television is the most efficient way for business industries to use to take advantage of showing advertisement. They tell us we are thrifty because of these as seen on TV ads, which give people a good deal on a product if they buy it on TV rather than buying it in the store. We love luxury because we see these TV ads that show these $50,000 cars that people can’t afford and take these loans out on them that they can’t pay off. Also luxury plays a big part in advertising because they show all of these things that you can buy and people just go out and buys them because they saw it advertised on TV. People want to be sexy by having all of the luxury, they want to be rich and get all of things the can afford. They want to look good. People are thrifty and will do anything to save money. TV ads frequently scold the viewer for spending too much money for products, “as seen on TV ads” get people to buy the products off the commercial by showing them how their products work and why you should buy these products’. Sometimes the products they advertise are complete garbage and don’t work and are a waste of your money to buy. The thrifty people will do their research first and see if the product works before they buy it. We love luxury. For example, car ads on TV show car dealerships advertising cars costing up to $50,000; the price of a small house. These $50,000 cars are like living spaces; in...
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