Media Consumption Essay

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Matthew Falcione
Mr. Holman
English 101
September 6, 2012
Modern Personal Media Consumption
Modern times of society have differed much from even a decade ago. From the very way we absorb content and communicate to the new aggressive forms of marketing, so much has changed. Ten years ago communication was limited to a simple cell phone call, postal mail, email and only as much as an Instant Message through a very slow 56k internet connection. Today there are endless ways to digest communication and informational content. It has been so much a drastic change in our everyday lives that losing these certain capabilities, even momentarily can easily put a damper on someone’s work and personal life. Each and every day we utilize the internet for many resources to allow us to live much more efficiently than in the past. Media consumption is now at an all-time high in society, many hours each day are utilized gathering information or communicating to easier achieve our needs.

There are many methods to absorbing content; personally I use about 12 each day alone. The first and most notable is Facebook. Facebook which was not existent in 2002 is now the largest social media resource in the world, and amongst the top internet sites with more than 850 million users. I usually begin each day by waking up and checking Facebook for amusing or informational content or whether it be updating the people in my social group to my day’s upcoming activities or connecting with an old friend. All in all I would estimate that I use Facebook for about a total of 2 hours a day and during this time the content I view is mostly relevant to the new events in my friend’s lives and at times news and ads. Another form of social media similar to Facebook which I also utilize daily is Twitter.

Twitter unlike Facebook is more like short parts of social content, where you are mostly reading very small status updates and some news. However Twitter seems to lack nearly the large capacity of...
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