Advertising in Superbowl

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Advertising in Super Bowl XLVII

The most critical time for certain major corporations to advertise their products/services comes around every year in February. The Super Bowl in the United States is a huge event for everyone to get involved, especially the advertisers and companies who want to get their products or services in the public eye to have more consumer awareness and/or to gain more sales. Surprisingly, not all advertisements during the Super Bowl are about gaining more sales. In fact, most of the money spent by companies is for consumers across the nation to be aware that a certain product or service is available to the consumer. This year, Super Bowl XLVII occurred on February 3 in New Orleans, LA. According to USA Today, the advertisers that were accounted for included: Anheuser-Busch, [Audi], AXE, Best Buy,, Century 21, Coca-Cola, Doritos, Fiat, Ford/Lincoln,, Hyundai, Kia, Kraft's MiO, Mars, Mercedes-Benz, Milk Processor Education Program, Paramount, PepsiCo, Skechers, SodaStream, Taco Bell, Tide (Proctor & Gamble), Toyota, Volkswagen and Wonderful Pistachios (Ogg, The Milk Processor Education Program is evidence enough of the fact that some companies are simply trying to make their service or product known to the general public. Other advertisements sometimes make their commercial weird, crazy, or even offensive to get media and society buzzing about what they saw. Most of the advertisements just want people to talk about the commercial so when consumers go to make a purchase, the product might be in their mind, even if they do not realize the affect it had on them. Websites like posted graphs on how each advertiser scored for certain measurements. One graph the website posted shows how much positive sentiment each company had with their audience. Tide with their “Montana Stain” commercial had the most positive sentiment at 86%, with Audi and Taco Bell following neck-and-neck...
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