Marketing Plan on Gyms

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Jim Active Gym Marketing Plan.
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Contents page
Executive Summary | 4|
Business Overview/ Purpose of plan| 4|
Product/ Service Information| 4|
Implementation| 5|
Cost of Implementation| 5|
The Company| 6|
Mission Statement| 6|
Stakeholders| 6|
Organisation Structure| 6|
Corporate Strategy| 6|
Summary of Objectives | 7|
The Macro-Environment| 8|
Economic| 8|
Political/Legal| 8|
Technological Environment | 8|
Socio Cultural / Global Trends| 8|
The Macro Environment| 9|
Market Overview| 9|
Market Information| 10|
Industry Information| 10|
Customer Information| 11|
Customer Analysis| 12|
Market Research Requirements| 12|
Competitor Analysis| 13|
ProductPrice| 1314|
Promotion| 14|
Distribution| 15|
SWOT Analysis| 17|
Strengths| 17|
Weaknesses| 17|
Opportunities| 17|
Threats| 18|
Marketing Strategy| 19|
Target Groups| 19|
Competitive Advantages| 19|
Positioning Strategy| 19|
The Marketing Mix| 20|
Product| 20|
Pricing| 22|
Promotion| 22|
Place| 23|
Selection consideration| 24|
Market Segment| 25|
Product life cycle| 25|
Process| 26|
Physical evidence| 27|
People| 27|
Conclusion | 28|
References| 29|

Executive Summary

Business Overview/ Purpose of Plan

Jim Active has recently won the lotto and is wishing to begin his own business. Jim plans to begin a gym in Canberra, ACT. Jim aims to promote healthier living by providing access to weight machines, exercise equipment and professional advice. Jim Active (head personal trainer/owner) has 5 years experience in person training to offer those who would like it. This is to assist consumers in achieving their goals and also to reduce risk of injury to consumers and staff. JAG being a local gym supports its community thru local sport team and individual athlete training. JAG aims to create its own unique environment where every consumer and staff member can have a positive experience. In the future JAG aspires to open a large chain of gyms in Canberra and compete with gyms such as Alive Health and Fitness and Fitness First.

JAG is funded only by its owner (Jim Active). In the future when expansion will be considered JAG will move from a sole trader to a public company that will take on shareholders to raise expansion capital.

This marketing plan has been designed as a starting point for JAG and will be used in the short run.

Product/Service Information

Most important to Jim Active gym is the provision of safety and an enjoyable atmosphere where clients can consume their service. This is united with the friendly staff, personal training, group classes and professional working equipment that creates a comfortable environment to work in.

It is hoped that word of mouth will spread about JAG’s friendly atmosphere and draw more clients away from larger chains such as Fitness First and Curves.


1| Jim Active Website| Updated fortnightly|
2| Begin promotion & advertising| Updates monthly|
3| Begin person to person sales in civic mall| Continuous| 4| Begin expansion on south side (Woden)| After 3 years of business|

Cost of Implementation

1. $14,000 for initial web site deigns
$1,500 for weekly maintenance
2. Hiring advertisement space and advertising design and market team budget 50,000 3. Lunch time sales assistants will go to the civic mall and hand out free passes to JAG so potential clients can try our gym and be persuaded to join. $ 10,000. 4. $2,500,000 for a second gym to opened in Canberra’s south district(Woden).

The Company

Mission Statement
Jim Active Gym wants to promote healthier...
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