Implication of Marketing for the Gym

Topics: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Quantitative research Pages: 7 (2316 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Discussion of the Key Findings and the Implication for Marketing for the GYM Table 1 reason for visiting

| Frequency | Percent %| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent | Relaxation| 9| 10| 10.0| 10.0|
Fitness | 31| 34| 34.4| 44.4|
Loss weight| 33| 36| 36.7| 81.1|
Build strength | 17| 18| 18.9| 100.0|
Total | 90| 100| 100| |

Table 1 showing the result the question reason of visiting the gym The participant were asked the reason for visiting the gym and only 9 out of the 90 (10%) participant picked the relaxation as the reason of visiting the gym. This is actually the lowest percentage obtained from the participant. This is a clear indication that not a lot people use the gym for relaxation. Hence, marketing of gym to this group of participant won’t be favourable. However, the analysis didn’t take into consideration weather this 10% were male or female or old or young. Fitness has quit an encouraging figure as 31 of the 90 (34.4%) participant picked fitness as the reason why they visit the gym. This is the second highest population of the participant as its makes up of 34.4% of the participant. This implies that most people visit the gym to keep fit. As such it means marketers should concentrate on this participant as they are major players in the gym market. Perhaps, this might be due to the prominence that doctors and health practitioners place on fitness and good health. The highest proportion of the participant picked the loss of weight as their reason of visiting the gym as 33 of the 90 (36.7%) of the participant picked it as the main reason they visit the gym. This implies that a more than half of the participant visit the gym because they want to be fit and loss weight. This group of are the people who regularly use the gym should be targeted by marketers. However, the analysis did not take into consideration the age and gender of this group of people as it might have helped ask further question. Building of strength wasn’t really high as it was the second lowest as 17 of the 90 (18.9%) the participant picked it as the reason they visit they visit the gym. The bar chart of the table is shown below. Figure 1 showing the bar chart of the result of the question ‘reasons for visiting the gym’

The bar chart above shows the four different segments representing the possible reasons why the participant visits the gym. The bar chart clearly represents the result from the table 1 as the segment of fitness and loss weight tends to be higher than to the other two, which clearly indicate that they possess the highest proportion of participant. However, the difference between the loss weight and fitness is not clearly seen as it’s only a slight gap as the difference is not that much. This bar chart again clearly indicates that the reason most people visit the gym is for fitness and for loss of weight. However, there is no evidence to support why they choose that but it might be to look good or for health purposes. Figure 2 showing the pie chart of the answer to the question ‘reason for visiting the gym’ The pie chart is divided into four different charts according to the percentage of each of the four possible answers to the question with each section having a different colour. From the pie chart analysis it could be confirmed that most of the participant for the survey visit the gym for fitness and lose of weight. Although some visit for relaxation and to build strength, their percentage can be negligible. Figure 3 showing the histogram representation of the age group of those who visit the Gym The survey analysis above clearly indicates that participant within the age range of 20-30 visits the gym more than the rest. Perhaps this might be due to the fact that usually at this people tend to lose weight and keep fit so as to move with fashion trend. The number of visit tends to reduce as the age group moves up to 40 and becomes lowest at age 50. It is therefore evident that as people...
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