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Fitness Center Report

With the launch of AJ’s Fitness and as their current MBA intern, I was tasked with analyzing the results of a recent survey that was given the fitness center’s current members. Of the 1,833 members surveyed, we receive 133 usable responses. The following report details an analysis of the results from the membership survey, as well as some suggested changes that can be implemented by new management to increase overall membership satisfaction.

Overall Satisfaction & Visits Levels
In first looking at overall membership satisfaction, I wanted to determine if there was a relationship between overall service satisfaction and typical visits per week.

Overall Service Satisfaction| Average Visits per Week|
1- Very Unsatisfied| 1.60|
2 - Unsatisfied| 2.25|
3 - Neutral| 2.94|
4 - Satisfied| 2.72|
5 - Very Satisfied| 3.10|

As you can see from the pivot table above, memberships’ overall satisfaction directly correlates to their average visits per week. Moreover, members that visit more per week have higher overall satisfaction in the service of the fitness center.

Gender Analysis: Visit Levels & Exercise Programs
To further analyze membership satisfaction, I wanted to break down the visit levels by gender and see if there was any correlation in exercise programs satisfaction.

Gender| Average of Typical Visits Per Week| Average of Exercise Programs Satisfaction(5= Very Satisfied, 1=Very Unsatisfied)| Average of Months With the Club| Male| 2.10| 2.55| 37.19|
Female| 3.07| 2.96| 36.16|

From the pivot table above, male members on average typically attended the fitness center less than females per week. And, although there is a small distinction, females have a higher satisfaction than males with the exercise programs. A possible assumption can be made that females utilize the exercise programs more than males. However, male members on average have been with the fitness center slightly...
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