Crossfit Marketing Plan

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1) Industry overview

Still Needs
-increase in industry sale?
-describe why it is still in the growth stage over the maturity stage.

The health and fitness industry is a continuously growing industry. The fitness industry has doubled in size over the last 10 years, and is a $17.6 billion industry. North America has over 25,000 health clubs currently. Entrepreneur magazine named the fitness category the fifth hottest franchising trend in 2005 and since 2005 has continued to grow. There is also consistent growth of the young-adult population which is our primary target market. Cross-fit falls under the fitness category it is creates a broad desire for many people. Cross-fit creates desire for social activity, which creates a healthier, more productive lifestyle. This lifestyle is a trend which people want these days and cross-fit offers.

People will continue to desire professional, personal services; especially with their health. The fitness industry will continue to grow and we are very much looking forward in playing a significant part in the future growth of this market. Market potential


-market potential
-market share
-how does this estimate to our estimated sales?

a) top-down forecast
b) based on facts
c) people in area target market
d) income
e) demographics
b) bottom-up forecast
-what do I need

The Target Customer
Primary Target Customer- Young adults between the ages of 10-65. Many of our potential target customers are unable to workout at health clubs, want the extra encouragement from a group, and want the social interaction, aside from being very passionate about their health and physical being. We offer all these services. We create a lifestyle for our customers that none of our competitors can. The demographics of Crossfitters vary. This is a truly universal program that can apply from anyone who is very young (Crossfit Kids) to people of an older age. The program can...
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