Activia Paper

Topics: United Kingdom, United States Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: September 16, 2012
When looking at the website for the first time, I would say that the main assumptions that I get from viewing this website is that the company wants to show off how healthy their product is by describing itself as low fat and no calories, also with the tabs that keep changing such as the one that states "explore the digestive benefits of Activa." Secondly I would also assume that they want their customers to believe there product is unbelievably, not only healthy, but also delicious by putting the fresh fruit all over the page along with a family smiling in the back ground.

I think that the target market that Activa is trying to go after is families because they want to provide a healthy and delicious product to their customers. I don't think the company has a certain target age because they have people of all age on the website because everyone wants to be healthy regardless of their age. One other target market besides families I did notice after doing a little browsing would be athletes also because of the picture I saw along with the caption of "Discover the nutritional benefits of Activa." This makes athletes want their product because when athletes think of their diet and being healthy they think of the word nutritional. I believe that this allows them to effectively reach out to their target audience because people are still purchasing the product and another way that they are making sure they are reaching the audience is by giving promotional codes to customers if they like them on face book and things like that.

When looking at the site not only in the United States version I noticed quite a few differences when looking at the United Kingdom edition. The U.K. edition seemed to look completely different as far as the layout of everything on the site. The American version seemed to have more of an informing role and was more appealing to the eyes with the pictures and the flash tabs, where as the U.K. version seemed to be more of a...
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