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Marriott Hotel (Heathrow)
From 1927 Marriot Hotel is a leading brand in hospitality industry. Marriot Hotel has grown into a well established international group with more than 3000 hotels all around the world. Marriot Hotel holds several popular brands in hotel industry such as Renaissance Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard and Residence Inn. The hotel provides additional benefits and points to frequent and business travelers making loyal customers. Marriot Hotel near Heathrow international airport is a four star hotel located in A4 near terminal 1 and 3 targeting tourist and travelers from all around the world. The world class services and excellent customer service make the brand very popular among the passengers. (History of Marriot, 2012) Tuscany Ristorante

Tuscany Ristorante is very popular Italian restaurant open for 12 years and the favorite for the guests coming to Marriot Hotel. This restaurant is a main attraction for Marriott brand. It provides authentic food for the food lovers with excellent service quality and dining experience. The kitchen is a live kitchen which gives customer a unique experience. The restaurant is successful in providing modernized traditional cuisine by holding the traditional taste of Tuscan region. The customers can meet the chef who prepares food for them. This requires confidence and training to prepare food in front of the guests. Restaurant have received AA Rosette award recently for culinary excellence The restaurant believes in increasing sale among existing customers. Situation Analysis

In order to remain competitive in the market organization need to have strong understanding on the internal and external environment as well as capabilities of the organisation.5 C Analysis is used for situation analysis of Tuscany Ristorante Company -

* Tuscany Ristorante have good image in the market as being associated with the brand name of Marriot Hotel Group. * Tuscany sustains the family and team culture with all the employees. * Training is an unavoidable factor for the restaurant to maintain the high standards * Main goal for the restaurant is to make customers feel at home Collaborators -

* Suppliers have significant role in providing the raw materials of good quality * Power of supplier is more
Customers -
* Business travelers, tourists, passengers and repeat customers are the major segment. * Customers comes back for the unique experience and value for the money spent Competitors -
* Competitors are high with same market share
* Competitors are also big brands with Italian Cuisine
* Good offers and advertisements are done by competitors to increase the sale Climate -
* Inflation and financial crisis’ will cut down the travelers as result of cost cutting * Change is the customer behavior and attitude to spend have impact on the business Mission - “To enhance the lives of our customers by creating and enabling unsurpassed experiences.” Vision - “To become the premier provider and facilitator of leisure and vacation experiences in the world.” Marketing Objectives

* Increase the customer base 10% (Focus on the existing customer and attract new cutsomer) by May 2013 * Increase marketing through banners and also online. The existing marketing is 3%. There should be 50% increase in the marketing to capture the niche market by May 2013 * The current sale of wine is 4500000 , increase the sale 5% * Discount vouchers and deals could be circulated online for weekends for loyal customers and attract new ones * Alliance with travel agency to increase the tourists and travelers (provide travel information and advices) * Advertise in newspapers and sent broachers to companies to attract the working class E-Marketing Objectives

* Email marketing – Marriot is sending emails to existing customers with details of new offers. Data could be collected from travel agency and sent email to prospect travelers and make the restaurant...
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