Contemporary Hospitality Management

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OF MAnagment and sciences

MODUL: unit 1 the contemporary hospitality industry
unit code: l/601/1788
lecturer: mr olajumoke taiwo

1.1 -Analyze the current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry Radisson is a member of REDIZOR group of hotels with more than 270 hotels worldwide. It is the one of fastest growing chain .Radisson hotel has their own contemporary design so they do not compromise on comfort ,they provide complimentary WI-FI and better seasonal British food and other cultural cuisines with their services that anticipate ,and never assumes an experience that relax and stimulate in equal measure the Radisson vision is simple .they want most admire company in London. This single idea covers their thinking and gives focus to their plans on a day to day basis. And they express it below 100 % guest satisfaction

100% employment engagement
100%positive cash flow
Radisson value, to achieve guest satisfaction Radisson aim at, they need to live according to a strong and very clear set of values ,and they do and they approach to their service so simply everything they do has one purpose Making people feel special

Luxury without pretension
Radisson hotel has 700 rooms
Leisure centre
Various cuisine restaurants
Coffee shop Radisson is only hotel Company to offers a patented online loyalty programme to its agents called look to book: which allow them to automatically earn points towards valuable merchandise and incentive awards .this highly successful programme includes worldwide Source => of tourism.


1.2- discuss the organisational structure of hospitality industry Ans –organisational structure of Radisson:

Departments in Radisson hotel-
Food and beverage department
Production department
H and R department
Finance department
Logistic department
Operations department

Functions of Food and beverage department-contains all those activities concern with supply, provision, preparation. Services of food and drinks in hotel .department are headed by f&b manager who leads the team consisting of head chef. Ref -TIM KNOWLES (HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT) SECOND addition.

1.3- Assess the role of hospitality related organisations, and professional bodies Ans –hospitality related organisations and professional bodies – There are hospitality related organizations and professional bodies in UK, who provide the manpower and qualified people for the hospitality industry These bodies are;

BHA-British hospitality associations=>the British hospitality association, champions the interests of the hospitality industry whilst delivering tangible results for our members. our BRITISH INSTITUTE OF IN KEEPERS, ETC

These institutions’ play key role in sporting and representing the hotel industry .these bodies can be government on none government organizations in this sector. They provide educational qualification as well to join this industry. You can join these bodies; they will provide all the information, newsletters etc if you are a member of one of these.

Task 2
2.1=>Assess the staffing requirements of different hospitality industries. Ans-Radission blue word wide offers a world of opportunities when it comes to employment and career development your exceptional experience with Hilton word wide begins with the exploration of these opportunities. In the next few field, you have the opportunity to specify your job search criteria. There are so many opportunities available to you. Jobs in Radisson blue =>water house cocktail bar Terrace manager, waiter/waitress,...
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