Preparation and Clearing of Service Areas

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Preparation and Clearing of Service Areas

A Report Researched to the Faculty of the School
Of Hospitality Management

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

Submitted to:
Sir Michael De Villa

Submitted by: Ramone T

Unit 7: Preparation and Clearing of Service Areas
Know how to prepare service areas and equipment for food and drink service A. Description of safe and hygienic working practices for preparing service areas and equipment (1.1) Food and drink service are considered for those who are responsible for serving food and drinks to guests. There are different kinds of services in the catering industry. Restaurant table service which in the restaurant, guests are allowed to enter, order food by the waiters or waitresses and eat on the premises. Function service, which managers or supervisors oversee the operation of the restaurant. Hot either cold buffet service, are self-servicewhere food is displayed cyclical on the tables. Bar service provides beverages and it is a place where light meals or snacks can be attained. | | Safe and Hygienic Working Practices|

Food service equipment | Service cutlery, silverware, glassware| In order to maintain a safe and hygienic work for a service cutlery, silverware and glassware must be sanitized. When handling all glasses with care, avoid stacking glasses each other, this puts strain on the rim and causes chipping or cracks. As well as avoid putting cutlery in glasses. Glasses should be stored after sanitized in a cool dust free condition on a ventilated surface.| | Service, dishes, flats, hot plates, plate warmers| It is the same procedure with the cutleries, silverware and glassware. It needs to be washed and sanitized in the dish washing machine. Then, cleaning the plates with a clean cloth and placed in the dish counter surface.| | Refrigerated units, ice chest | Maintaining a safe and hygienic work for refrigerated units and ice chest is to ensure that the dispense equipment is functioning properly. Refrigerators/chillers must be operating correctly in the right temperature and are clean to ensure chilled appropriate products.Ice chests are cleaned regularly and the quality of ice checked daily to ensure it is clear and the ice must be full. | | Hot and cold beverage containers, trays, trolley| Hot and cold beverage containers must be placed in its right place of temperature and check for cracks and damages on its container. All labels must be faced in front from good use of advertising and display.Trays and trolleys must be cleaned regularly and washed.When also transporting of products and goods, they must ensure on how to proper handle it manually. Such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling in order to use the correct techniques.| | Side boards, side tables, service tables| Side boards, side tables and service tables must be cleaned regularly and placing condiments in their right place. Service tables must be cleaned in case of crumbs and goblets, cutleries in an organized setting (table setting).|

For hazards, it is necessary to identify by observing the risk assessment. Sources of bacteria could be found through people and equipment. It could be chemical or physical cross-contamination. | | Safe and Hygienic Working Practices|

Drink service equipment| Kettle, urn, specialist coffee equipment, espresso machine| Kettles, urns and specialized coffee such as an espresso machine should be cleaned from inside to outside to avoid any damage or cracks. It is important to clean the poring tip of the equipment to avoid cross-contamination. For the espresso machines, it is necessary to handle carefully the equipment by following the manufacturer’s instructions.| | Bottle openers, corkscrews| A bottle opener and a corkscrew is a waiter’s friend, it must be well cleaned in order to avoid difficult use and cross-contamination.| | Optics, measures, pourers| Optics, measures and...
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