Four Season

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The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts has become on the world’s most luxury hotels operating over 50 properties in over 20 countries. The Four Seasons is known for their high quality and personalized experience their guests receive. Recently the Four Seasons has received the opportunity to operate the F.S. George V Palace hotel in Paris, France. Before opening, The Four Seasons must learn how to operate in a foreign country especially in a market they have yet to conduct business. The Hotel has to consider factors ranging from how to work with their staff under new labor laws to how the aesthetic make-up of the Palace should look without deterring from the original design. The Four Seasons must tailor their hotel by evaluating their strengths internally and externally to the Parisian market in order to be successful. Before the Hotel can begin to operate, management has to analyze their corporate strategy and their core competencies to understand what they excel at and how they do it. Management must understand key characteristic about the market they are entering and how they should go about establishing themselves in Paris. This analysis should include non-industry factors such as regulation and French labor laws along with how their competitors are operating and their strategic focus. The Four Seasons will also need to understand their customers and what they expect out of their visit and other key success factors to the Palace Hotel industry in Paris. Once management has researched these strategic areas they will be able to make highly business educated decisions on what corporate level strategy to implement and how to gain sustainable advantage in the market.

The Four Seasons has a strong management structure because they believe that it is a “key component” in their capability to give the highest and most consistent service to the guests of their hotels. Their top-level managers are highly diverse and can operate in a variety of culture settings. The company encourages in being diverse in order to incorporate their mission to bring the highest level of service globally. The Four Season’s strategy is to provide an international hotel and experiences to the business or leisure travel with the highest and consistent level of service. They achieve this by setting universal standards, which include being on time, caring for guests, and treating guests how you would want to be treated. Each hotel however is tailored made to the local customs for example hotels in Chicago, Turkey or Egypt will have different local temperament and hospitality based on the cultures standards. The Four Seasons creates a caring environment for their guests through their employees by catering to the local market. The Hotel wants to be seen as an international hotel rather then an “American hotel” operating overseas. They create this by treating their employees with dignity and respect which in return has made the Four Seasons one of the top companies to work for contributing to their excellent service and hospitality. The Four Seasons will need to know their core competencies before deciding on how to they should operate in Paris. These core competencies will help management understand what they do well across the board and how they need to make sure to focus on these with the F.S. George V. The brand name of The Four Seasons in a core competency because when customers see the name, they automatically think of luxury and high quality service hotel. This has been achieved by over 40 years of operation and establishing a reputation of service and quality. Their brand name is not imitable because it would take years for a competing hotel to build up the reputation of The Four Seasons and there is no way to value the name and how it affects business. Another core competency is the management structure that has been implemented in The Four Seasons. Their top-level managers are highly diversified and trained to be comfortable in multiple international...
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