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The organizations focus on training; because what they pent represents an investment in human resources, it return appears in the form of increased overall productivity, while at the individual level are shown the importance of training to increase knowledge and skills, which could lead to the lifting of motivation and the ability of the individual to function. The training activities that raise the capacity and skills of current and future employees, and vary the training process for the education process; since the education process through which connect general knowledge about a particular subject, but the training process is the focus of which the specific requirements of the job. Usually The objectives of the training process in improving the performance of your current tasks, and give instructions on the tasks that are not familiar to the person holding the job, or would be to prepare a person for some changes, which are likely to occur. What is the training?

A comprehensive definition of the training process, was drafted by the Manpower Services Commission, and is as follows: Training deliberate process; to modify direction, or knowledge, or behavior skills, through the acquisition of some experience; to achieve effective performance in one activity or group of activities, The objective of this process in special situations to work, develop the capacity of individuals, and meet the needs of people working in the organization, now and in the future. Training steps:

Based training theory, or the theory of the development of workers on essential components, and these components appear in the form of steps, as follows:

1. Identify training needs:
Which means identifying the skills required filed with certain individuals and departments, which are outlined in a set of goals to be achieved by the end of training, a change in attitudes, and an increase in knowledge, and develop skills in specific functional areas.

2. Design a training program:
Which means translating goals into topics training (or substance and content of education and training), and select the method that will be used by trainers in the delivery of training subjects to trainees (such as lecture, cases, and exercises, and discussion), is also determined aid (or aids) training (such as pens, blackboard), and as part of the design of the training program must specify the coaches in the program, and also determine the cost (or budget) training.

3. Implementation of the training program:
Which includes important activities, such as setting the table executive program (in terms of scheduling meetings) also includes the identification of the training venue (and arranged, and the preparation of Materials), and daily monitoring procedures step-by-step implementation of the program.

4. Evaluate the efficiency of training:
This is done by evaluating the performance of the trainees shop training, or to assess their opinion on the program procedures, as we should not forget that the compilation of the results of evaluation in all programs, it could mean an attempt Organization to assess the activity of training as a whole.

Who is responsible for training activity?

Training is a shared responsibility between all parties involved, any human resource management, and executives at their work sites, and trained individuals who receive training, and following table shows the responsibility of each of the human resources management and executives:

Human resources
• design an integrated system of training.
• Coordination between all the company's training efforts. • preparation of training programs outside the company, and follow-up procedure. • Maintain an integrated plan for training, at the departmental level, and individuals. • provide expertise and advice on training touches.

• Ensure that executives doing their duty training.
• advised employees and make...
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