Training a Cost or Benefit

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Explain the term training.
Training is the process of learning a sequence of programmed behaviour. It is the application of knowledge. It gives people an awareness of the rules and procedures to guide their behaviour. It attempts to improve performance on the current job or prepare employees for an intended job. Training is a short term process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which non-managerial personnel learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite purpose. Training consists of the steps through which employees go to acquire the desired behaviour, skills and competence required by the organisation. It aims to fill in the culture of the organisation and to increase the performance of its employees. For example student nurses need to follow a three years on the job and off the job training. They acquire the knowledge through lectures and gain the skills through exposure. There are two methods of training:

1. On the job training –employees receiving training whilst remaining in the workplace a) Job instruction training
b) Vestibule training
c) Training by experienced workmen/ supervisors
d) Simulation
e) apprenticeship
2. Off the job training
a) Lectures
b) Conferences and seminars
c) Case studies
d) Role playing

Many organizations refrain from providing training because of its cost elements involved. How far do you agree with this policy. It is true that training involves a lot of cost but it also has many advantages. The cost are incurred though different ways;

a) The procurement of training material and various media like computers, handouts, and audio visual. b) Trainers fees, travelling arrangements
c) Lodging and boarding cost
d) Costs involved on losing a man day at work for sending him for training. Training provides skilled people in the organisation which reduces overall cost of an organization’s operations. Quality is one of the key features required for the...
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