Hcs/341 Training and Development

Topics: Skill, Employment, Learning Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Training and Development
Tiffany Holland- Sandifer
November 2, 2012
Pamela Trent

Training and Development
Training is a very important tool to have for the new and existing employees to enhance their skills. Employees must be ensured that that have all the tools necessary to exceed beyond what is required to be successful. Opportunities and training materials should be a consistent trend within the working environment. Training managers must have the proper knowledge in order to be proficient in training the employees. When employees receive the information pertaining to training they automatically dread having to sit in long boring PowerPoint presentations and endless online modules. There are many different ways to make training an awesome experience. Training and education are vital in healthcare it helps create a mentally healthier image, helps identify job knowledge, organizational goals, and skills at all levels of the organization, aids in improving organizational communication, and it creates an appropriate climate for growth and communication. Effective training can assist in keeping the costs down in many areas, e.g. personnel, production, and administration, etc. The methods that can be used are hands on training, team building exercises, trivia games, corporate lunches, and prizes are cool ways to keep the employees interested in the training process. Training materials can be transmitted in many different ways whether it is received by fax, phone, face to face or email. The advantages of management that are in training classes should make sure that all training materials are up to date with the current facility process. Mandatory training would be required for regulations and policies such as discrimination and sexual harassment laws. Employees must be interested in the training that is provided so that they will become interested in many more training opportunities. Career development can include being mentored, additional...
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