Topics: Training, Skill, Practice Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Scenario for P3, P4 & M3:

You are going to design a small training programme. This training programme will be a small (10 minute) micro session using a small part of a larger training programme. You need to design this training session on an aspect of enterprise.

You need to plan the design of the programme giving consideration to the way you will deliver it. In your role as the trainer you have been given the job of writing a report to the HR director outlining and describing the factors and different methods available to you in planning and designing the training programme.

Ensure you describe the following in your report:

P3 describe the factors to be considered in the planning and design of a training programme

1) You need to give the micro training session a context, stating the organisation that the training will be done for (Black Country Chamber of Commerce) and the wider training programme it would fit into 2) What will the objectives of training be (what makes them SMART) – what should delegates be able to do be the end of the session? 3) Describe what on the job training and off the job training are and how they are different – state if your session would be done on the job or off the job and why 4) Explain the difference between internal and external training providers, Give examples of who these could consist of – state if you are an internal or external training provider 5) Describe 6 of the following delivery methods of training available and what they involve:

Courses, mentoring, coaching, action learning, assignments, projects, seminars, e-learning, distance learning, work shops, shadowing, secondments and conferences – 6) State what delivery method you will be using in your micro training session and say why 7) Describe what the training costs you would be likely to face for delivering your micro training course
Task 2

P4 conduct a review of the success of a training...
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