Employee Training and Career Development

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  • Published : January 22, 2012
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Employee Training and Career Development Paper
HRM 300

Employee Training and Career Development Paper
Every organization needs well trained and knowledgeable employees to perform the daily tasks needed to achieve company goals. An organizations success depends greatly on the training and development of its employees and the development of the organization itself. An organization has a large responsibility for their success which is why training, development, and career development is imperative to an organization. Training

Training plays a large role in an organizations development. Training is used to guide employees and improve productivity, quality, work environment, morale, and profitability. It is important for an employer to increase the employee’s productivity because it enables them to help the organization reach and achieve their set goals. Training also enables employees to produce high quality performance. Training also helps build good employee relationships on order to align individual and organizational goals as well as improve the morale within the organization. Having well trained employees will eventually increase the company’s profitability. It is important for employers to train their employees on the company’s policies; this will benefit the company by preparing their employees for different situations. It makes the employees more effective in decision making and problem solving and it also helps employees in understanding and carrying out organization policies. Training also benefits the organizations development by keeping their employees knowledgeable and developing their leadership skills, loyalty, motivations, and attitude towards work. Development Methods

There are many employee development methods employers can use that can have many benefits for the organization and their employees. There are on the job training methods and off the job training methods that the Human Resources department must decide which would be appropriate...
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