Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods

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Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods

When one thinks of the word “training,” what comes to mind? [Writing suggestion: Unless in a quote or a title, avoid rhetorical questions in academic writing. A good idea is to provide answers, not questions] Teaching, conditioning, practicing, and building are a few words to explain it. It goes much deeper than that though, and it is necessary during the life of employment within a company. Effective orientation and training methods is imperative for new recruits of small and large companies. The method in which it is taught varies. [Insert comma] Depending on the position title, and what it entails, will determine the amount of training time needed to ensure the newly hired employee is aware of his or her duties and responsibilities. Successful orientation and training programs depend on three different factors, which is skills, structure, and environment. For a company to educate new employees, they must have good knowledge base of how to implement the program effectively. Skills are the tools of the employees used to build the company to “learn, master, and apply that content”(Rooney [Leave a space after the quotation mark] & Rooney, p. 4). Structure is necessary to prioritize and guide skills acquired on a broad scale. There must be efforts to increase customer values and decrease wasteful spending. Working in a positive and motivating environment engages employees to apply their skills within the structure. Employees “must understand why it is important to improve processes, and feel that they have a meaningful stake in the success of those efforts” (Rooney & Rooney, p. 4). Setting the employees up for success rather than failure will earn trust and respect in a working relationship. That is an important goal for management to maintain. It is important to satisfy the employees of a company. Without them, there would not be function. Management is the domain, while the staff is the range. To maintain business operations is top form, everyone needs to feel appreciated, motivated, needed, and be given the drive and focus to achieve success. There are many different [Redundancy: if you have "many," surely they are "different." Remove "different"] types of approaches to train employees and it depends on the complexity of the job description and requirements. Some training programs last several days to weeks, and some can be up to a year. Training programs that last up to year can be for certification or licensure outcomes. These types of programs include: 1. Block training-weeks of rigorous training

2. Performance appraisal criteria tools-used to evaluate each employee based on his or her performance daily. It can be used as proof when an employee is looking for a promotion, pay increase, or career advancement. 3. Yearly retraining-Enforces all training included from the beginning of employment and possible updated material. 4. Mentoring programs-an apprenticeship under the guidance of a seasoned employee. 5. Job rotations-different settings with different job responsibilities that expose an employee to become well rounded, and learn to adapt different levels of stressors. 6. Workshops-biweekly to monthly training to introduce new skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership skills, management skills, finding new objectives for development, organizational skills, and effective communication. 7. Diversity training-teaches awareness to employees to understand that there are many cultures, traditions, and religions to take into consideration in working relationships and customer service. 8. Department training curriculum-supervisor of department is responsible for ensuring his or her employees are aware of what is expected of them on a weekly basis. This can involve having weekly team talks to discuss issues before they become a...
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