Job Satisfaction: the Role of Manager and Attitude of Employee. a Study Pakistani Culture Work-Setting.

Topics: Employment, Management, Big Five personality traits Pages: 6 (1486 words) Published: February 12, 2011

Jamshed Adil Halepota


There seems general agreement that job satisfaction has obtained an established position in the literature of industrial and organizational psychology (King and et al 1982; Maanen and Katz 1976). Since decades significant amount of research has been published every year in repute journals. Quinn (1985) reported that more than 5000 articles had been published on Job Satisfaction. Yet, the concept of job satisfaction is still worth exploring and controversial (Bell and Weaver 1987). Locke (1983) commented that much of the literature is inconclusive in nature and debatable.

A large number of studies have examined several factors of job attributes and the role of manager related to job satisfaction at workplace for example; Pellegrini and Scandura 2006; Ascigil 2004; Griffin and et al 2001; Ross 1999; Rodwell et al 1998; Morley & Heraty, 1995; Hackman & Oldham 1980. However, little research has been conducted to investigate the impact of individual difference and personality dimensions on job satisfaction Probst and Lawler 2006; Nelson and LeRouge 2001. One study conducted by Syed (1990) surveyed employee perceptions and job satisfaction before and after the introduction of Computer in banking industry in Pakistan. He suggests that employees are free of stress and experienced greater satisfaction at workplace.

After taking a careful review of literature it appears that most of the research has been conducted in US and developed nations (Deci and et al 2001) little research has been


conducted to investigate job attributes, role of manager and impact of personality dimensions on job satisfaction in the organizations based in Pakistan.

Therefore, this proposed research work intends to study what role of personality dimensions of an individual employee could play at workplace to keep employee satisfied combined with the role of manager and job attributes.

The objective of this study is to explore and extend the understanding of specific role of manager and attitudes of employee responsible for job satisfaction at workplace. It will be worth investigating to explore the persisting trends and issues in job satisfaction and dissatisfaction in Pakistan.

Keeping in view the above discussion this study aims to explore the answers to following research questions: i) What are the existing trends and HR policies in successful organizations for employees’ job satisfaction? ii) What management has to do and not to do to create and maintain environment of job satisfaction and retain key talent? iii) What makes employees loyal to and committed to the organization? Is it money, a good boss or something else that matters at workplace? iv) To evaluate self-perception and self-esteem among employees who intend to quit jobs and report as dissatisfied.

Literature Review

Studies relating to Job Attributes and the Role of Manager

After taking careful and detailed study of literature, it appears that most of the research has been done in US/Western and developed countries (Deci and et al 2001). However, there are some studies available which have been conducted on Asian culture such as


Jahangir (2005) studied the effects of use of managerial power on employee’ job commitment and satisfaction in banking industry in Bangladesh. Earlier he worked on the employee perceptions on managerial power bases (2004).

Pellegrini and Scandura (2006) investigated relationships among leader–member exchange (LMX), delegation, paternalism, and job satisfaction in Turkish business organizations. Ascigil (2004) has explored various job attributes such as teamwork, autonomy and complexity; she reveals that change in commitment level of employee is significantly related to complexity whereas the only significant independent variable explaining...
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