Job Satisfaction

Topics: Bank, Job satisfaction, Retail banking Pages: 33 (8998 words) Published: December 28, 2012
1.0: Introduction:
With the opening up of the economy of Bangladesh, a dramatic change has been observed both in manufacturing and in service sectors. This has brought higher employment opportunities, increases in income level, and changes in consumption pattern and consequently there emerges a competitive environment in the country. Specifically, the expansion of private banking business, along with customized services, has created a severe implied competition in this sector. This competition has made the service gap wider as private banks offer better services to their internal and external customers. The scenario has created an urge to the bank policy makers to identify the underlying reasons and brought them into consideration the job satisfaction issue. It will investigate that officer of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited play the key role in manipulating their services through implementing policy. 1.1: Statement of the Problem:

Job satisfaction is the reaction of the workers against the role they play in their work (Vroom) (1967, 1999). The studies will designee to investigate the level of achievement of employee’s job satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited in Bangladesh. 1.2: Rationale of the Study:

Today’s business world is dynamic and competitive therefore organizations looking for talent, extrovert graduates who belong to high degree of adaptability quality. Today’s business graduates will be the core part of business organization. So business graduates need to have both theoretical & practical knowledge to manage the business activity properly. In order to be familiar with organizational culture and to gain some practical knowledge about an organization our Department provides Eight to twelve week internship program as a part of the BBA program. After completion of the program period a student must submit the report on the assigned topic to the Supervisor and the department. This program carries three (3) credit hours out of 126 credit hours of the BBA program.

1.2.1: Rationale of selecting SJIBL
I was assigned in Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited through my Internship supervisor I was selecting Bangladesh Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited to perform my internship program as my honorable supervisor inspired me. I thought SJIBL being the prime development financing institution continued its effort to make an effective contribution towards expansion of industrialization process of Bangladesh. It seems to me that in SJIBL there is a sufficient opportunity to gain practical knowledge about the activities of a bank. The working environment is good and the employees are very much cooperative to provide practical knowledge about different functions of the bank. I selected a topic named "Job Satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd." On the basis of this topic I have prepare my Internship Report. 1.3: Objective of the Report:

1.3.1: Broad Objective:
The attitudes regarding job satisfaction are broadly related to the areas of intrinsic nature of work, wage and security, supervision, and company policies and practices. The broad objective of the study is descriptive analysis that employee satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. 1.3.2: Specific Objective:

The Specific objective of the study is findings the results from the balancing and summation of many specific likes and dislikes of employees experienced in connection with their jobs The present study deals with the two issues to analyze the job satisfaction of bank officers of the SJIBL in. The issues are: (i) The relative importance of job satisfaction factors.

(ii) The impact of bank type, work experience, age and sex differences on the attitudes toward job satisfaction.

1.4: Scope of the Report:
Since I have worked in the Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited, Kawran Bazar Branch, I get the opportunity to gain knowledge of different part of banking system. The supervisor divided into the whole banking in three parts as a result I got the opportunity...
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