Case Study on Telekom Malaysia

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Job satisfactions affect and influence job performance of employees. In this fast changing business, the capacity to identify factors influencing job satisfaction is vital to able organization to make quick decision to prosper and capture bigger market share. The performance of an organization is reflected by its employees’ satisfaction. In brief, satisfactions increase the commitment and contribution of employees towards organizations. Individuals who have high job satisfaction will have positive attitudes towards work to complete and vice versa (Robbins,1989) Thus, to identify factors that contribute to job satisfaction is essential to generate harmony and wonderful life to these individuals (Gruneberg, 1981).

Job satisfaction may arise from several factors that link to job factors such as salary, supervisory style, colleagues, promotions and similar. Demographical factors is the other side that relate to factors such as academic achievements, gender, marital status, age and working experience. Baron and Greenberg(1990) identified three main factors that influences job satisfactions of teachers namely policy and administrational procedure in schools( recognition, responsibilities and allocation of special tasks), diversification of jobs and social working environment. The values one put on his or her job will determine the level of his or her needs towards job. According to Steers(1991), there are ten factors that individuals anticipate from his or her jobs. Good salary and related benefits, prospect for promotions for self development, interest and supportive colleagues, recognition on tasks completed,

Even it is ideal in some aspects to achieve satisfaction factors at general that satisfy all employees but it is worth to observe differences for management to maximize the capacity of employees which at the end benefit both parties.

However, there are general management phenomena that apply to most organizations but to some extent they are absurd. For example, findings state that high turnover will happen at low job satisfactions in organizations but what keeps employees to serve an organization even they possess a low job satisfactions and motivations? What factors make them still loyal to the organization?


Increasing numbers of competitors in similar field will capture the market share of any organization that fails to fulfill the existing and future needs of the industry. Relevant courses and expertise is part of the requirements in education industry but the “engine” that plays role to generate the needed future is pertinent to upgrade, as teaching is a demanding and complex profession. Creativity and commitment to produce capable future market are directly related to job satisfactions. Failing to recognize factors that enhance job satisfactions will generate symptoms of problems and later may cause many other related potential problems that will risk the future of any organization. Low job satisfactions workers will be less productive and be potential problem initiator to the management. Reviving them to be productive and committed to the organization is a big challenge to the organization as most of them may be those from experienced and senior employees to organization that have great influence in general.

In relation to ITTAR, these workers may affect the quality of the graduates and later damage the reputation of the institution in the future. Finally, it may jeopardize the future of the institution.


This study attempts to determine the level of satisfactions and determining factors of job satisfaction among the academic staffs of Institute Technology Tun Abdul Razak, Kota Bharu (ITTAR Kota Bharu). The relationship of demography factors in...
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