The Relationship Between Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction:

Topics: Motivation, Organizational studies and human resource management, Employment Pages: 10 (3298 words) Published: April 3, 2011
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The Relationship between Organizational Commitment And Job Satisfaction:

1) Abstract:
Organizational commitment is one of the widely researched areas among Researchers, psychologist and human resource management practitioners. The objectives will be presented the study about to analyze the relationship between overall job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The focus will be the study towards analyzing the general behavior of the private sector employees towards work motivation and job satisfaction which may build higher levels of organizational commitment. The sample size will be consisted on males and females employees who will randomly be selected. Data collect will be analyzed by the application of statistical tests i.e., Pearson correlation and multiple regression.

2) Introduction:
Pakistan’s economy is among the developing economies of the world. With the increasing levels of development, the working environment has also become more competitive. Employers, now, demand for more skilled, trained and qualified workforce since the organizational output and productivity is highly dependent on the employees’ performances. Such employees, in return, also look for the attractive packages. And to retain performers has remained a dilemma for the human resource management practitioners. Moreover variation exists in terms of pay packages, working conditions, incentives, recognition and fringe benefits for the employees Lavy (2007). These differences vary and depend upon the industry one is serving, the company policies, location, one’s qualifications and outputs. Private firms, multinationals and local companies face various challenges while operating in such unstructured market setup in Pakistan. It ultimately impacts the employees’ satisfaction with the current job and increases frustration among the employees. Thus the focus is towards maintaining overall job satisfaction among the employees to achieve the higher levels of organizational commitment so that employees’ productivity is increased. Human resource literature identifies various variables which may affect employees’ performances. These are jobs and agency characteristics, attitudes towards merit pay, organizational trust and commitment, importance of monetary rewards, linkage between pay and performance and fairness of pay system. Nanda and Brown (1977) have tried to identify the factors Important in analyzing the performance of employee at the time of hiring and they found that employees’ productivity depends on many factors including level of job satisfaction and motivation. Balfour and Wechsler (1996) pointed out that overall organizational commitment is an appropriate and significant aspect to focus for organizational productivity and performance. Another approach for managing employees’ performances is designing incentive programs more tactically in a way where organizational commitment is also addressed. Such incentives could be short term focused on driving employee behavior toward achievement of a specific productivity Feldman & Landsman (2007). Thus various efforts focusing on the correlates of pay satisfaction have centered on various individual and organizational variables. Organizational commitment has been one of the widely researched areas in the field of management in relation to different job related variables but in Pakistan very few studies have explored this concept. Various researches identify multiple factors affecting organizational commitment among employees but the present study focuses its relationship with work motivation and overall job satisfaction of the private sector employees. The objective of this study is to analyze relationship between work motivation, overall job satisfaction and organizational...
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