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Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Turnover Intentions in total Nigeria plc. in Lagos State, Samuel Emeka Mbah

C. O . Ikemefuna

Employee job satisfaction has influence on employee turnover in organizations. Poor management of employee turnover adversely affects the organization in terms of personnel costs and in the long run affects liquidity position. No significant study was available to evaluate the antecedents of employee turnover in the Total Nigeria PLC with a view to understand its retention strategy. This research fills this gap.

paper highlights and defines basic concepts of job satisfaction and employees’ turnover intention. It specifically considered satisfaction with pay, nature of work and supervision as the three facets of job satisfaction that affect employee turnover intention.

Introduction: Generally linking job satisfaction with employee retention Defining Job Satisfaction as need satisfaction
Attitude discussion due to job satisfaction and high work performance ultimately decreased absenteeism and turnover. JS creates health psychological contract. Lit.Review
1Explanation of turnover: .key definitions
.Significance of turnover with .
.Unfolding model” of voluntary turnover focusing more on the decisional aspect of employee turnover .Image theory
2Types of Turnover
Voluntarily vs. Involuntary
Internal vs. External
Skilled vs. Unskilled
3Impact of Employee Turnover on the Organisation.
Profitability, organizational costs, human capital and related capital, competitors’ gain, in long run liquidity position Theoretical framework
-Studies mentioned which investigated antecedent of employee turnover - job-related factors, external factors to personal characteristics of the employees Considering job satisfaction as antecedent of turnover

-Mobley model of job deissatisfaction
-job stress,...
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