Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment

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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment
Human Motivation PSY 320

Job satisfaction
Job satisfaction has often been described as employees’ emotional response to the current job position. When an employee decides to remain with a company or organization that is called job satisfaction. When employees speak about job satisfaction, another factor for consideration is motivation in the workplace. For companies or organizations to be successful and sustain a competitive advantage, a partnership with employees is needed. Job satisfaction has several factors: “Relationships with direct reports, workplace environments, fulfillment or personal fulfillment in job duties.”(McNamara, 2009) “Employees’ satisfaction with their jobs has an effect on whether they remain with their employer or leave the organization.” (Delfgaauw, 2006) This is an emerging trend throughout the individuals’ work career. Individuals leave current employers, when they become disillusioned with current managerial styles. Lack of independence causes “individuals to seek out other job postings and either leave the department or the organization.” (Delfgaauw, 2006) Dynamics of job satisfaction and employee motivation

Job satisfaction has an economic impact on the company and the employee. Low employee satisfaction levels have “a correlation to employee turnover rates, absenteeism, and reduced productivity.” (Mohr and Zoghi, 2006) Dissatisfaction in the job, brings companies “higher labor costs and reduced productivity” (Mohr and Zoghi, 2006)

Goal setting is an important factor for motivation and work life and personal success. For the majority of employees motivation comes from within. The desire and thirst for knowledge is all consuming, and can propel an individual toward the light of success. When an employee is motivated, they become productive and creative. Job performance is a “functional act of ability and motivation.” (Accel Team, 2009) Some recommended motivational strategies to improve motivation at work: I.Positive reinforcement and setting expectations

II.Treating employees fairly
III.Appropriate organizational framework based on individual and group needs IV.Financial incentives or rewards based on job performance: While money is not a primary factor, employers should be rewarded fairly. V.Work related goals

VI.Effective discipline measures
VII.Satisfying employee personal needs
Searching for job satisfaction in the workplace
The happier an employee is in the workplace, the higher the level of performance and productivity. The work environment should be one that is engaging and where employees are involved. At my company employees have a flexible work schedule. Employees can choose alternative schedules other than the standard 9 to 5. Some colleagues share a job position. This option will afford employees the opportunity to achieve tenure, have successful promotional job searches, which can lead to career advancement within the company. Motivation can be done with persuasive resources designed to encourage individuals to excel and work harder. “For merit to be encouraged and sustained, it requires measurement and regular rewards.” (Accel Team, 2009) The company’s success is then enhanced. Accentuating the positive at work is another technique for employee motivation. Many companies have an Employee of the Month. Recognition of employee accomplishments can go far with increasing an individual’s self esteem and improving productivity. In 2005, I received a Star Performer award for project collaboration with two other colleagues. As a result of our team efforts, my company netted $1 million dollars in transferred assets. The Chairman of our company presented the award at a televised business conference. That recognition showed by that my diligence to my job, my knowledge and skills were recognized and appreciated. Identify the current major...
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