Early Supplier Integration in the Design of the Skid-Steer Loader

Topics: Employment, Management, Recruitment Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Topic: A large turnover ratio in organization problem
There are many problems in Human Resource Management field work such as to employ employees into organizations, to improve skills of employees during working, and to evaluate employees ’performance. One of severe problem is a big ratio turn over in organization. The following essay will demonstrate how to solve this problem. The first solution to decrease turnover ratio in organization is building employee’s satisfaction. It is tough to motivate employees because they have different perceptions. Some employees need to get more payment. Others want to have extra holiday vacation. However, organization should provide benefits to them as the employee’s individual requirement in order to boost employees’ pleasure. The second solution is organization should present obvious direction to growth in their positions within organization as well as how important they are. When employees understand where they are standing currently and how to achieve the goal in the long run. They will feel challenge to reach the points, consequently they do not move to other organizations. On the other hand, they identify that they are a significant part of origination. Therefore, they feel proud and need to participate with organization. Last but not the least, recruitment is essential process to find the qualified employees that have the same characteristic with math organization cultural. To ensure applicant will be an employee that stay with organization longer, organization should ask the question that show applicant’s attitude. For instance, what is their goal? , What will they do when they work in organization? Moreover, organization should observe applicants character to estimate their period time to work. For example, organization looks at experience in resume. If they have not had experience before therefore they may be work in organization for short period time and leave to other organizations to improve their position and...
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