Leadership Lessons from Anne Fudge

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Trait theory, Openness to experience Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Lessons on leadership from Ann Fudge

Question 1: How would Ann Fudge fall into the each of the Five Factor Model (FFM) categories?

Classically the key pillars of Five Factor Model are: (cited in Journal of Applied Psychology, 87: 530-541.) Openness
Openness to experience: Ann Fudge’s journey over the ladder of corporate success including her two year sabbatical clearly cites the example of her welcoming attitude towards newer avenues and their integration in routine business. Her effort towards focusing on the creative aspect of her team members is distinctively suggestive of her inventive trait. Conscientiousness: This category is outwardly portrayed by Ann Fudge’s self defined four lessons she offers to other leaders. All her lessons reflect evidently of her commitment towards her work and the people she works with. It also displays her to be an efficient organizer who is moving from her known strength to strength towards a well defined goal. Extraversion: Ann Fudge’s two year break and different activities she pursued during these years including travelling, writing etc. projects her to be a dynamic and outgoing individual. Her decision to be back to work after the two year long break suggests that her primary interest is her work and it was the energy she gathered from the break which is being used so wisely by her enabling her reach new heights of success. Agreeableness: Ann Fudge’s former boss Bob Eckert by saying that she is at ease with conversation from consumers till employees clearly exemplifies the agreeable quality so distinct in her character. It shows she is approachable and optimistic, both essential qualities of an eminent leader. Also the fact that she has extensively travelled across the globe with Y&R employees is suggestive of her friendly nature. Neuroticism: Ann Fudge’s lifestyle by earlier being president of Kraft Food and with putting in nearly 15 hrs at work...
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