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Topics: Wal-Mart, Discount store, Hypermarket Pages: 9 (2969 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Assignment 1: Challenges in international management
Type: Individual
Format: Essay (You are encouraged to use headings and/or sub-headings to separate the sections/cases of your essay.)  
Word limit: 2500 words (variation within 10% more or less is allowed)  
This activity is a platform to sharpen and demonstrate your knowledge and analytical skills in international business. It is designed to help you achieve the learning outcomes 1, 2 & 3. The assignment focuses on the actors of international business and their actions in the contemporary international business context. It also provides you with opportunities to link the international theories with the practice by analysing real-world examples from the academic point of view.  

Key Assignment Question:
How does international business organisation achieve its internationalisation objectives in the contemporary context? Process:
1. Select a multinational corporation.
2. Write a brief overview of the organisation and its mission/objectives related to international business (maximum 500 words for this section)  
3. Select and then analyse the internationalisation process of the organisation and its impacts on the international context (International business theories can be adopted in this section) • What did the organisation do to internationalise itself? [i.e. environmental analysis, involvement with different actors, entry mode] • Please explain factors affecting the internationalisation process of your Multinational Corporation(MNC). • What was the impact of these actions on the organisation and/or broader community (i.e. host country, competitors, industry etc.)? (1,500 words)

4. Experience/lessons Learned (500 words)
• What experience and/or lessons should the organisation have learnt from the analysis? Why do you think they are important for their future acting? • What insights did you gain about international business in the contemporary context? SOLUTION

The most reputed and perhaps the biggest company in the World in terms of retail. It has a proven track record for implementing successful business across the globe with its wonderful business practices and world class marketing plans. Wal- Mart is a company which has done business not only in the US but also many countries across the globe. The company was established by Sam Walton at Rogers, Arkansas in the year 1962. The business growth was in the track with a period of 17 years after starting the company. By the end of financial year 2001, company already saw a turn over of one billion US dollars. With its effective marketing strategies Wal-mart managed to make it reputation of being the largest retailer in the world with revenue of 218 billion dollars. The companies continue growth in terms of revenue led the company to operate in the global level. The global operation started in the Mexico City in the year 1991. Its global presence has seen a new height, when it was found that more than 100 million customers have visited the Wal-mart retails globally. The number of associates stood at 1.3 million which are on rolls of the company and has been diversified across 3200 stores in the US and more than 1000 stores across Canada, China, UK,, Germany, Korea ,Indonesia etc. Wal-Mart operates its stores in different versions worldwide. It is generally categorised in three main segments. Namely ü  Wal-mart Stores

ü  Sam’s Club
ü  International Stores
It can be further differentiated into Discount Stores, Super centres and Neighbourhood market. (Lewis, 2011) Currently the company serves around 200 million members and customers in a week at little higher than 8000 units under various collaboration and banners in 15 countries. The sales have crossed $400 billion mark and employees more than 2.1 million people globally. It is a leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity.  

In the year 2008, the company...
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