Starbucks Global Issues

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Starbucks Case Study.

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Module title: Issues in Global Business & Consultancy

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Company’s profile5
Globalisation of markets6
Globalisation of production7
Antiglobalisation protests7
Business ethics8
Employment practices8
Human rights8
Environmental pollution9
Moral obligations9


Globalisation referred by Hill (2009) is the shift towards a more integrated world. It is the process of economies, societies and cultures integrated through a global network. One of those networks is trade network. This means that there is a movement of materials and goods between national boundaries. Globalisation also involves movement of labour and causes a variety of effects: political ethical, cultural, social, etc. More importantly, the effects brought by it can cause issues that require further investigation.

The purpose of this report is to center around a major organisation – Starbucks Coffee Company and to carry out a depth investigation into its position in global market and issues related to it.

The report will firstly present the research methods used to get the information and justify that. Secondly, will discuss globalisation and its position in Starbucks Company including criticism that exists. Later on, the report will discuss ethical issues raised by the globalisation of the company, including employment practices, human rights, environmental pollution and moral obligations. Finally, the conclusion will be drawn.


In order to investigate the company and its operations, the research has to be carried out so that issues could be addressed. As described by University of Oxford, research “comprise creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications” (2010). The stock of knowledge in this case refers to the information of the company.

Research is carried out to define a series of problems or issues. The context of research has to be described in order to specify why it is important to understand and learn about raised questions. Also, particular research methods have to be chosen, described and justification on why they were chosen and what impact it has on the discussion has to be given.

To start with, two topics to investigate were chosen for the research. The definition of issues was given to understand what information is needed. Then, the research was carried out.

There are different methods the research can be carried out, however for this case study the research was based on the collection of qualitative data that already exists. Brassington & Pettit (2003) describe it as a secondary data that was collected by someone else for one purpose and is later used by someone else for the same or other purposes. It can include newspapers, magazines, books, websites, memos, transcripts of conversations, annual reports, etc. This type of research allows one to understand existing theories and look for examples which then may lead to drawing the conclusions about relevant issues.

In this case study, numerous sources of secondary data was used: books, journal articles, web-sites. Also, statistical and numerical data presented by Power Point presentations was acquired I order to justify theories and identify company’s positions.

“Case study” term has to be brought in this context as the research is focusing only one specific objective – Starbucks Coffee Company. Colorado State University (2010) defines case study as a collection and presentation of information of specific agent and drawing a conclusion only about that specific agent....
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