Importance of Eating Breakfast

Topics: Nutrition, Eating, Food Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Each person has a different ritual to start the day. Some might think that their day hasn’t started without having a cold shower, others demand watching the news, and there might be others paying attention to shallower things like wearing perfume before going out. That is perfectly fine. But, do these people include breakfast in their rituals? What number of people says that they can’t get out of the house without having breakfast first? Is the breakfast something essential to start a good day? Yes. The body can be compared with a car. It needs fuel to run. It must be fuelled several times each day to function efficiently. In the morning, after many hours without food, it is primordial to refuel it to provide the necessary energy to go through the first part of the day successfully. Eating the first meal of the day is one of the most important things a person should do in the morning. Families should inculcate the knowledge about the importance of it. Media marketing should be more devoted to teach people how to begin a morning. People in general should be more responsible about their health. Nowadays, it is a concern to see how many people make the mistake of getting high-sugar and high-fat foods for breakfast, or even worst, skip it, without considering the consequences. People show the level of importance they give to breakfast in their morning habits. There are three kinds of thoughts regarding breakfast. The first one can be shown by a person who is aware of his/her health. This type of person knows that the breakfast gives a rewarding feeling to the body, and that’s the correct way to start a day. In their kitchens, they might have a slice of wheat bread with eggs, joined by fresh fruit and a cup of natural orange juice waiting to be eaten. According to Cindy Maynard, dietician and a health medical writer, in her article "Start Your Day with a Breakfast Boost." She says that eating breakfast improves the ability to concentrate and weight control, reduces...
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