Evaluate How the Nutritional Plan Might Improve the Health of the Chosen Individual.

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D2: Evaluate how the nutritional plan might improve the health of the chosen individual. There were a number of the things about the individual’s diet that I noticed firstly she doesn’t like change as she is consistent with each food she eats which is not necessarily a bad but in order for her to have a balanced diet she needs to eat a variety of foods. However the individual hardly ever ate breakfast which isn’t good for her as she will feel tiered throughout the day. In order to avoid that I gave her a breakfast that are high in fiber along with foods that she likes. The tables are both shown below:


Being without food during the night, our brain and muscles need energy and fuel to function. And the glucose in the food (as well as the vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and protein) is how we get this energy. With this rush of nutrients and glucose to our brains we are better able to concentrate, focus, be productive, and be in better spirits. There are no major health issues by not eating breakfast. I have already listed a few benefits to eating breakfast, but there are more benefits, such as: Eating high-energy foods for breakfast could help to boost short-term memory * People who rarely eat breakfast consume more fat and fewer nutrients like calcium, potassium and fiber than regular breakfast-eaters and "often" breakfast-eaters * A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that breakfast-skippers are more likely to have worse cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity than breakfast-eaters * Eating a breakfast that's high in fiber and carbohydrates could help you feel less tired throughout the day, While changing the individuals diet, made a few changes that could make the individuals diet healthier. They were the following: * From fried chicken to boiled or oven chicken

* White pasta and rice to brown pasta and rice
* I added vegetables, which were streamed to...
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