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11212Speech Practice Outline: Persuasive Speech

Name: Paulo Amio

Specific Purpose/Thesis: To inform my audience about:
- People skip breakfast way too often. I’m here to persuade the audience on why skipping breakfast is bad for your health.


I. Open with Impact (Visualization and imagery will be used to tell an impactful story using pathos/emotional appeal. Then state a fact/statistic immediately following the story to persuade the audience using logos/logic.) - We’re getting to those last few weeks of the term; tests piling up and it seems we just have no time for anything but school. Picture this: All weekend long you’re studying for that very important final you have to take on Monday which could easily be your chance to pass the class. You get your good night’s sleep, and you’re feeling great in the morning but you realize you woke up a little bit later than usual. You skip that apple and orange juice on the way out and just head straight to class. You jump straight into the test and halfway through, your stomach starts roaring. You’re starving, you can’t concentrate on the test, you can’t recall any of the things you studied about that whole weekend. You try to finish your test as best you can and you walk out of class knowing you ended up with the grade you know you don’t deserve.

II. Thesis statement (Parts 1 & 2)
- A recent survey done by the NPD group, the leading market researcher in North America, found that 31 million people choose to not eat breakfast at all.

Many people skip that apple and I’m here to tell you about why breakfast can be the most important choice you make in the morning.

III. Connect with Audience

IV. Preview: I’ll be talking about

A. The myths and excuses on why people skip breakfast
B. How eating breakfast has a correlation with your grade
C. The possible outcomes of skipping breakfast constantly

The first thing I’ll be talking about are the misconceptions and the usual...
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