Maintaining a Healthy Body

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The environment and the food we eat are some of the factors that affect our body. If we abuse the environment and don't take proper care of it, then the bad practices we do will come back to us. An unhealthy environment will lead to pollution and produce unhealthy chemicals that when inhaled by our body will cause certain illness while a healthy environment will benefit us. Proper discipline is necessary in order to live healthier and live longer. We are the food we eat. If we eat a diet rich in sugar, sodium, fats and carcinogens then it is expected that later in life different sickness such as kidney failure, hypertension, diabetes, problem in our gall bladder and a lot more will be experienced.

Health behaviors are actions we take that affect our health. Below are some of the health behaviors that promote good health and tend to increase average length of life of a human being. It is best if we try to follow, if not all, at least some of them if we want to live longer.

1) Sleeping seven to eight hours daily. Getting enough rest and sleep is necessary for our body to function properly and have total concentration.

2) Eating breakfast almost every day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is important to take a full breakfast in order for us to gain the necessary energy and nutrients needed to function properly for the day ahead.

3) Rarely eating between meals. If possible, it is better to avoid eating between meals as this will make us feel a full stomach that will tend for us to skip the next meal. The foods we eat in between meals are usually unhealthy like junk foods and the like which are not good for our kidney and liver.

4) Maintaining normal weight. It is important to maintain a normal body weight as it is easier for the lower body part and so as not to give our legs more pressure in carrying the whole body.

5) Not smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is unhealthy and would lead to lung and other health problems in...
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