Topics: Nutrition, Education, Obesity Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Dear Administrator,                           
             Breakfast Program
            Are you left with no time to eat in the morning?  Well, with the breakfast program you won’t have to worry about rushing to eat breakfast in the morning.  Mornings come early for students and most are in such a hurry to make the bus to get to school on time that they don’t eat breakfast.  I realize that you’re considering having the breakfast program in all of Fair Lawn.  I support the breakfast program because it keeps kids healthy, eliminates stress in the morning and students will have more time to socialize with friends.             Firstly, I support the breakfast program because kids will have better health.  For example, by eating breakfast kids have energy.  For me, when I wake up in the morning I feel like going back to sleep.  After hurrying to school and skipping breakfast I become distracted in class and my stomach begins to ache.  However, with the breakfast program kids will come to school unstressed about missing breakfast and will be wide awake, full of energy and ready to learn.  Adding the breakfast program will guarantee that kids maintain energy and succeed in school.  Another example of why I support the breakfast program is because without breakfast you will develop a belly and/or become overweight.  Without starting your metabolism early in the day, when lunch comes an issue occurs.  Without breakfast you’re metabolism starts late in the day which will overall result in a very slow metabolism.  However, with the breakfast program this obesity will not be an issue in this school district.  The breakfast program will definitely help prevent kid and teen obesity.             Secondly, I support the breakfast program because it eliminates stress in the morning.  For instance, kids will be less likely to arrive to school late.  When I wake up in the morning I usually turn the alarm on snooze and keep sleeping and therefore am late.  Due to a stressed,...
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