Hotel Reservation System

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Chapter 1

Background of the Study
Nowadays, computer systems are very useful in our everyday life. It helps us focus on other things that we need to do. Computerized Systems has very useful role in our everyday life; it helps us do our work fast and easy.

Computer Systems helps increase work efficiency in companies with the help of computers and a number of highly useful software.
Computer processing is the explanation of how information gets from the user to the computer. You input information into the computer via the input device (keyboard) the the information is stored in temporary memory. When it leaves the temporary memory, the Processor acts as the Sergeant and passes the instructions to the various parts of the computer.

Computerized hotel reservation and billing system is very useful on every hotels. The proponents decided to develop a computerized hotel reservation and billing system with SMS Technology for Elison Hotel which is located atBalanga City, Bataan.

Statement of the Problem
Every company has a problem that can be solved with the help of different countermeasures through the help of peoples that have expertise to the problem that is being spotted.
Manual systems have many deficiencies that make it a big problem to every company. The year where computerized system nowadays that we used should be solve, problems that made the company’s goes to downward turn should be solved.

The researchers come to a conclusion to make the proposed Sales and Inventory System with 2-D Mapping for Jamaica Pharmacy for a reason that the following major problems that they had observed:
How to solve the company’s data redundancy?
How to prevent missed computation of products pricing?
Where to place where the products are being placed?
From the Major problem that the researchers have observer the following specific problems arose and should be solved mainly by the proposed project:
1. How to easily access of the...
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