Sms Bus Ticket Reservation

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There are lots of methodology approaches in order to develop a project. For this project, the methodology used is the concept of System Development Life Cycle, which is a framework for describing the phases involved in developing and maintaining the system. Methodology that is going to be used for developing this project is summarized in the flow chart below.

Data Collection

In this phase, the appropriate title has been chosen for this project. It is decided to develop a hotel UiTM reservation system using SMS. In order to achieve the aim of this project the objectives, scope and significant was defined. Outline descriptions of the project and how it will be used in the organization have be made. The information about reservation in Hotel UiTM gets by interviewing the hotel staff. Besides that, some research about customer wants and needs have to be done for hotel reservation service.

After defining the objectives, scope, significant and problem description, it is start to collect information and explore deeper about the topic of this project. The articles and journals regarding this topic are reviewed. All the information is from the library and surfing through the Internet.

Data Analysis

Data analysis involved a few steps, where one of them is reviewing all the collected data and analyzes the customer’s needs. Then it is start to define the technique that will be used for this project. Hardware and software requirements also must be defined at this stage.

Based on the information obtained from the data collection, some analysis has been made to know how the project will be implemented. It is a crucial part because from this analysis we can define user requirements for this project before it can proceed with the implementation phase.


After analyzing all the requirements that are needed for this project, it was decide that there are two techniques involved. First approach is the development of a web-based application for hotel reservation system. Dreamweaver MX is used as a web application tool to create database driven web site. For the server side, PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor is used for scripting language and MySQL as the database.

Second approach is developing the SMS application to enable customers make a reservation using SMS. The information receives on the mobile phone will transferred to the hotel reservation system. System will then respond to the customers for approval. For process of sending and receiving SMS, the Microsoft Visual Basic will be used to develop software that enable the data from the database to be captured and send to the customer’s mobile phone.

Hardware Requirement

In terms of hardware, this project need a personal computer that running Microsoft Windows XP platform as a web server, a mobile phone with an infrared application and infrared adapter. Table below list the detailed hardware used for this project.

|No |Name of Device |Requirement |Usage | |1 |Personal Computer |192MB RAM with Intel ® Celeron™ CPU |As a web server for the hotel | | | |1200MHz 1.21 GHz |reservation system. | | | |Running Microsoft Windows XP | | |2 |Mobile Phone |SIM card of any services provider |As a GSM Modem to send and | | | | |receive SMS | |3 |Nokia Data Cable | |To transfer the SMS information| | | | |from mobile phone to the | |...
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