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Chapter 1
A. Introduction

A computer plays a vital role in our life and in our society. Business and some government agencies have long been using computer-based system. In schools and private office computer plays a vital role in their advancement and development. With the emergence of computer technology. Efficiency and accuracy were achieved.

Even with the emergence of this technology, there are still many establishments today which still are used manual system in their operations. With the problems being encountered, such as inaccurate results and workloads, computers will of great help. Through an automated system, problems will be lessened with ease accuracy and efficiency.

The Library, being the focal point for academic in college and university campuses plays a vital role in the academic development of the students and faculty alike. It has the basic function of aiding the parent institution in carrying-out its objectives by acquiring and making the books, materials and services available when needed. With the rapid and advancement in computer technology. Traditional library function is now being updated using current technology concepts. Libraries are now faced with the challenge of providing effective access to the rapidly growing resources in electronic form.

B.Problem Statement

Mabini Educational Institution Library faces the following problems:   * Manual in locating and knowing the availability of the books.   * Manual in knowing the list of employee
  * Less efficient and Time consuming.
  * Unmanageable record and list of books.
  * The Library clerk has delayed response to the inquiry.
  * The librarian needs enough time to track down the borrowed book.

The objective of the study is to propose a computerized library system as well as a system design that could be used by MABINI EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION.

The system will not be able to provide and develop a computerized library system....
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