Hotel Reservation and Billing System

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  • Published: May 31, 2011
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With the power of technology nowadays, people get interested with computers. They tried to indulge themselves on it to have a productive result in a more efficient and time saving process. It is highly valued in institutions like business enterprises, schools, hospitals, government and non government services. However, some of them are still using manual system. In this regard, we acknowledge the value of computerized system.

As of today’s generation, there are already many hotel existing. One of which is D’ Budgetel that serves private rooms and dormitory type. It is located at Corrales Extension, Cagayan de Oro City and is owned by Monte Carlo Realty and Development Corporation. D’ Budgetel started the operation of their dormitory type on April 20, 2009 and their private rooms on August 22, 2009. Since the said industry is new, they still don’t have computerized system for reservation and billing which is very useful for business purposes.

For thesis project, the researchers would like to propose a reservation and billing system to D’ Budgetel to help the management and have a synchronize flow in their transactions system.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Hotel customers choose important considerations in choosing a place to stay like location, price/value and service. These are very important because these are the primary basis of a customer to be attracted in that business. Since the researchers found out that manual procedure are still used in processing their billing and reservation transactions, it greatly affects their customer’s need.

This study aims to look for the following problems:

1. The hotel billing statement doesn’t provide specific or detailed information regarding on customer’s payment or charges. 2. Inefficient monitoring of room’s availability.


1.3.1General Objectives
To come up with a computerized reservation and billing...
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