Project Proposal for Hotel Reservation System

Topics: Net present value, Cost-benefit analysis, Investment Pages: 15 (2683 words) Published: November 17, 2012

Hotel Reservation System


Accepting Inquiries Confirmed Inquiries

Level 0
Data Flow Diagram
Verifying Inquiries P1

Reservation P2

Information Verified Inquiries

Leaving of Client
Verified Inquiries Reserved

Paying Bills P4

ReceiptVacant Room

Level 1
Data Flow Diagram

Inquiring P1.1

Questions Questions

Starting the Answers P1.2

Answer Given InformationAnswer

Filling up Information P1.4
Submitting Information P1.5

Raw InformationInformation

Saving Info P1.7
Encoding Info P1.6
Submitted Information
Encoded Info Submitted Information

Saved InfoDatabase
Level 1
Data Flow Diagram
Inputting of Records P2.1

Booking Information

Records Occupied/Reserved Room

Updating Room Status P2.2


Updated Room StatusNew Records

Saving updated Record P2.3

Updated Records Saved Records Database

Level 1
Data Flow Diagram

Checking Records P3.1


Client IDVacant Room

New Records

Saving Room Status P3.4
Encoding Room Status P3.3
Updating Room Status P3.2

Encoded Room Status Updated Room Status

Saved Room StatusDatabase

Level 1
Data Flow Diagram

Submitting Booking ID P4.1


Booking ID Booking ID

Booking Info
Submitting Booking Info P4.2

Computing of Bills P4.3

Booking Info Booking Info

Computing Bills
Submitting Bills to Client P4.4

Saving Receipts P4.6
Paying of Bills P4.5

Submitted Bills Receipts

Saved Receipts
STI College Tagatay
Center: Tagaytay
User View Interface
Subject Code: SOFTWEN
Subject : Software Engineering
Group Name : DATA Leader: Adove, Noel Ferdinand Jeremiah O. Alviz, Ronel Dimaranan, Mark Lester Tenorio, Erlan

Project Name: Hotel Reservation System
Lecturer: Mr Raymund Constante
Date Submitted: September 05, 2011

I. Introduction

A. Group

We are the group 2 in SOFTWEN subject for our thesis. Our group name is “DATA”. How did we come up to this name? The name “DATA” is derived from the first letter of the surname of each member of the group. Mark Lester Dimaranan, Noel Ferdinand Jeremiah Adove, Erlan Tenorio and Rhonnel Alviz.

B. Company

SONYA’S GARDEN HOTEL a charming cozy little bed & breakfast situated at Tagaytay City. Rumors of a secret garden tucked in the gentle rolling hills of Tagaytay gradually sneaked its way into conversations of...
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