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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Technology became the fastest rising sector in the society. It is already a course in college because more and more people are becoming aware of its great help to human functions. Systems applications are being developed to minimize effort during transactions for personal use and at most to business purposes.

Living in a complicated and rushed time, people go out and work to earn a living, too much work, not realizing that they are already compromising their health.
Health is very important which makes it necessary for a person to get medicine the fastest way possible whenever needed. And drug stores should be responsible enough to provide for their customers’ demand especially that they are in the field of saving lives through their medicines.

We decided to propose and pursue a Point of Sale System for Gofer Drug Store to alternate their manual system of serving customers. Manual system is currently being used in Gofer Drug Store for we all know that the use of computerized processing is being used by many other establishments nowadays.

Point of Sale System for Gofer Drug Store could help lessen the effort and time being consumed during transactions. Because the current system may not be able to work attentively during unexpected instances such as dealing with emergencies.

The proposed system will not only lessen exerted time and effort, but it will also be helpful in manipulating the inventory of sales and keeping up old records or document reserved for future use.

We believe that this study could offer a great help in improving the business’ approach to changes which the economy demands.


Imagine how long it would take for a manual process to be done particularly when handling unexpected instances. That is why people are trying hard to be familiar and become good in working with helpful software applications. Point of Sale System is just one of many systems application that helps lessen efforts during business transactions, and it can give more convenience to users. Gofer Drug Store was established by Goeilel Fernando two years ago at Sto. Niño, Guagua, Pampanga. The son of the owner, Marco Paolo Fernando, serves as the pharmacist in the said business. The business has seven salespersons who manually attend to customers’ needs. We thought that it would be a relief to use a computerized system in doing these processes which led us to conduct this study. A system to fasten transactions such as Point of Sale System could be very necessary to Gofer Drug Store. It is time consuming to entertain customers manually. Sometimes, customers require patient attention to be able to get what they needed because they could have changes in mind which would cause great effort and patience to the salesperson attending to the customer. The management also is having long time managing the inventory of sales, which has the tendency of having errors by manually conducting it.


The section discusses some known deficiencies in handling simultaneous transactions.


The locale is a drug store which uses manual system for compiling or recording sales, generation of customer reports, updating stocks, and product inventory. Since these transactions are done manually, more time and effort is being consumed for processing.


1. The current system could have inaccurate computations in handling transactions using manual processing. 2. The existing system has bigger chances of losing old documents which could be useful for future use. 3. The current system requires the management to make a lot of effort such as knowing all the details of the product. 4. The existing system does not have enough flexibility to handle emergencies and other unexpected instances such as having a customer that...
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