Information Systems Proposal

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Information systems, Information Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: July 3, 2012
Information Systems Proposal
Dianna J Kobiela
May 14, 2012
Professor Mai Nguyen

Information Systems Proposal

In order to start our nostalgic record store off on the right foot, we need to consider purchasing information technology for the business. Information technology will help us track our inventory, payroll, sales, accept credit cards and keep track of customers. There are at least five different types of information systems we need to consider. These five systems are as follows (Rainer Jr. & Cegielski, 2011): 1. Transaction processing system-a point of sale terminal that checks out customers in an automated fashion. 2. Functional area IS-for human resources, this will allow us to automate the payroll process, keep track of employee time and employee information such as hire date, tax rates etc. 3. Management information system-for inventory, this will allow us to track inventory from purchasing to sale, including information on purchase price, sale price and profit margin. 4. E-commerce system-this will allow us to put our store on the web and market and sell our product electronically. 5. Enterprise resource planning-this will integrate all the functional areas of our business into one database. All of these information systems have their benefits and drawbacks. I think the five systems listed above will work well for our company. Our company will be customer oriented and inventory driven. This is why I think we need a point of sale system. A point of sale system will allow us to check out customers efficiently and if integrated with inventory, when a sale is made, the inventory will be adjusted accordingly. With a functional area information system, we can keep track of employee’s time and run payroll accordingly. With this functionality, we can also keep all of the employee information in one place for easy access. The management information system for inventory will allow us to track inventory, adjust inventory for...
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