Kudler Fine Foods: Analysis of a System Inventory

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Kirk Samuda
University of Phoenix
March 17, 2013

Detailed below is IT System Information for Kudler Fine Foods, a purveyor of specialty and gourmet foods in the San Diego, CA. area. The following chart reflects information for each category of Kudler IT system plan.

Industry or Business Type| System Name| Brief Description| Target Departments| Purpose| Would Connect With| Gourmet Food| NCR RealPOS 82XRT POS terminals and Systems| The NCR RealPOS is a Multi-user Point of Sale system responsible for the management of Inventory coming and out of all the stores.| This Point of Sale System must be used by the Inventory Receivables Department, the Cashiers, Accounting Dept, and the Management| The primary purpose of the NCR RealPOS is to keep accurate track of supplies, items that are purchased more often, and less by customers, and for specific accounting needs.| NCR RealPOS is installed on a IBM Blade Server System running UNIX as its OS, at all its 3 locations. The Servers are connected by T3 dedicated WAN lines, sharing multiple print and file services.|

To understand the Technological layout of Kudler Fine Foods, I must briefly explain the Hardware and software implementations used by this company. Kudler Fine foods has built their entire operation around a Wide Area Network(WAN) that is interconnected by 3 T3 dedicated lines.

Hardware used internally
1. Kudler fine Foods: La Jolla Store network
a. The La Jolla store network is built around a 100baseT environment. b. The main server for the company is an IBM blade server system C3000 running UNIX as its OS. This server also runs the corporate SAP ERP SW, has all the print/file services, the network services, email, storage control and the web. c. This server is backed up with a 10TB NAS.

d. A 5KVA APD UPS provides power backup for the entire backbone computer system at La Jolla. e. The retail store operations utilize NCR RealPOS 82XRT...
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