Hotel Action Plan

Topics: Tourism, Management, Quality assurance Pages: 12 (3130 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Vision To deliver quality professional tourism products and services in line with changing consumer needs and expectations, contributing to 5% growth, year on year, in the England tourism market by 2020. Objectives 1. To increase the ability of consumers to make purchasing decisions that meet their expectations. To increase the awareness of tourism businesses and service providers of the changing needs and expectations of consumers in order to continually improve the quality of the visitor experience. To increase the awareness of businesses and tourism service providers of the benefits of continuous quality development and investment and of how, and where, to source appropriate resources.



What is quality?

How will the vision be achieved? Identify the action plans objectives.

Make sure objectives (and associated actions) are: Quality is difficult to define. It means different things to different people and the level of quality Specific delivered or received is a subjective matter. Quality is an assessment in the mind of the individual - it is Measurable not so important to define it, as it is for businesses to clearly communicate the quality on offer so that Attainable consumers can select appropriate products and services to meet their needs and better judge the value Relevant for money being offered and delivered. A business delivering a quality product and service to consumers isTime-bound more productive and profitable and has the ability to continually re-invest in their product, service and people. In tourism the quality debate has been synonymous with accommodation and star ratings despite the fact that it is widely acknowledged that quality is far broader in scope than this. The national quality standards along with the many schemes on offer across the visitor economy have played and continue to perform an important role in establishing a means of communicating the level of quality being provided to consumers and providing a process to support business to make improvements that will provide a return on the investment made. It is also important that businesses understand the changing needs and ‘quality’ expectations of consumers so that they can develop and adapt to satisfy the needs of their customers. The drive for Quality underpins the entire Strategic Framework and is fundamental to each of its objectives: 01 - To increase England’s share of global visitor markets: To grow the market as a whole, we must ensure that visitors return and recommend. They will do this if the overall experience is a good one, of good “quality”.


02 - To offer compelling destinations of distinction: Destinations are comprised of many individual experiences across the visitor journey and including the public realm. It is self-evident that these experiences should be of good quality. 03 - To champion a successful, thriving, tourism industry: Businesses need the right conditions to thrive. In the case of quality this includes knowing where to access up to date intelligence on changing consumer trends and behaviours and being able to interpret this data so it is meaningful to them. The use of case studies, benchmarking and best practice are a means of assisting and supporting businesses to respond to changes, giving practical not theoretical support. 04 - To facilitate greater engagement between the visitor and the experience: This objective includes the welcome and accessibility action plans which are intrinsically linked to improving the visitor experience. In addition, the modernisation of visitor information gives us the opportunity to listen to the visitor (through social media and user generated content) as well as providing good quality, relevant information to enhance the visitor’s experience. Across the Strategic Framework Action Plans quality has been incorporated into the vision, objectives and actions of the plans, for example, in providing professional customer service in...
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