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I. Describe the structure and culture of an organization and evaluate the relationship between different process and functions of the organization1

II. Initiate and identify the mission, mission statement, the aims and objectives of the organization and analyze the effect of these on the structure and culture of the organization.8

III. Define the methodology to be used to map processes on the NovoHotel objectives and functions11

IV. Evaluate the output of the process and analyse quality gateways15

V. Develop plans which promote goals and objectives for own area of responsibility16

VI. Prepare and agree implementation plans which translate strategic targets into practical efficient and effective actions18

CRITICAL PATH ANALYSIS (Implement computer system)18

VII. Manage the work activities to prevent ineffective and inefficient deviations from the operational plan through effective monitoring and control.26

VIII. Implement appropriate systems to achieve the objectives and goals of the plan in the most effective and efficient way especially taking time and budget into consideration and to meet the organizational standards of quality.27

IX. Define the resources, tools and systems required to support the business process29

X. Define and implement quality audit systems/practice to manage and monitor quality to standards specified by the organization and process operated33

XI. Embed a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring and development of the process36


I. Describe the structure and culture of an organization and evaluate the relationship between different process and functions of the organization

Novo hotel group is 3-star Superior hotel group. The hotel is equipped exceptional facilities and services with efficiency, comfort, security. Nearly Ben Thanh market, Dong Khoi street and only 20 minutes away from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, it is a good place for Novo hotel . With a strategic location, the hotel has advantage of competition. In HCM city, traffic jam is always a problem without solution. With Novo hotel, foreign customers can be easy to go to airport and purchase souvenirs at Ben Thanh market. Therefore, the hotel has many opportunities to attract foreign customers.

Novo hotel group own 331 well appointed rooms, 5 renowned restaurants, 6 bars, 3 fitness centers, 2 health clubs in Ho Chi Minh City and an adventurous Theme Park in Lam Dong Province. With modern facilities such as: Gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool & pool bar, hair & beauty salon, massage, KTV and state-of-the-art discos, the hotel has high level services. With large system services, the hotel follows a functional structure to manage activities of departments.

In a functional structure, teams or groups are created based on common functions in a bottom-up manner. The result is a set of functional units such as marketing, finance, human resource, etc. That are controlled and coordinated from the top level management. Functional structure are the most common type of structural design and have evolved from the concept of high specialization, high control framework of organizations tuned towards high efficiency.

Strengths of functional structure: functional structures are typically highly hierarchical; hence they inherit the properties of hierarchical structure.

• Maximizes Functional Performance: All the human knowledge, skills & infrastructure required for a particular functional activity are consolidated in a single sub-organization, this facilitates sharing of valuable expertise by superiors with their subordinates.

• The functional units are managed by leaders who have in-depth knowledge and experience; they are able to control the unit very effectively. Hence it harvests the potential of the unit without duplication of scarce resources, maximizing their utilization.

• Cultivates Specialists: This type of structure...
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