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I would like to start-up a business where I can learn from others about their culture and to see how different cultures will be with each other. Amsterdam is a big city with a shortage of hotels. That brings me to an idea: starting a hotel business. The hotel will be between Schiphol and Amsterdam. When I start-up my hotel near Amsterdam, it will be a great business to do. Moreover, it is easier for the people who arrive at Schiphol to reach the hotel.

Type of business
Our business is a partnership type of business because it’s owned by two people. Through our partnership, we will increase the level of our business, making decisions and implementation of changes can be fast, and we cover each other for holidays and sickness. Aims and objectives.

* The aim of my business is to grow my hotel into Europe. I want to provide the satisfaction of the guests in terms of facilities and services, food and beverages, and related products, at a fair price. I want to provide a positive hotel experience to all our guests. * The objective of my hotel is that I want to be sure that the hotel is kept up to the highest level and keep the high quality. Unique Selling Point.

My hotel will be unique by how it will be decorated. The hotel will be a multicultural, cause we will decorate it with many of different cultures as a theme. It is one hotel and it will feel like you’re all over the world. Our hotel will be popular by the great trends that we possess. * Like, there will be food from all over the world, like a Moroccan tagine or Sushi? Whatever the guest want to eat, our hotel has it! * Our hotel will have different kinds of wellness arrangements, like Indian treatments, Japanese treatments, Tibetan Buddhist treatments or a Turkish treatment. That means that the treatments are as international as the hotel. * There are many different stores in the hotel. The products that we’ll sell are from all over the world. It’s like shopping at the Champs-Élysées till shopping at a Arabic Bazaar. With a shorter distance. * The hotel will have a lot of luxury from the whole world. Like a jewelry store where you can buy jeweler from the United Arab Emirates. * There will be modern technology in the hotel. Like Wi-Fi everywhere in the hotel, and a plasma-TV in every room with international channels. * There will be workshops given by professionals from the whole world. The workshops are based on the international theme of the hotel. * The hotel will have many facilities like a swimming pool, a tennis court, horse riding. * There will also be an animation team who will organize daily activities for our guests. * The hotel is an international hotel with a lot of luxury. The visitors can use also our transports. Like barouches, cabs, bicycles, limousines and even a private jet on demand of course. Seems to me there are enough reasons for choosing out hotel.


Political: Taxation: Due to increase of VAT. By economize, I will assume older employees less likely and assume more young employees because they’re cheaper.

Economic: Government spending: By a low government spending, the taxes will be decreased, which makes the hotel have more profit.

Social: Tourism growth: By the tourism growth my hotel will expect more customers/guests.

Technological: Online booking system: People may book at any time, so we have more guests.
Legal: Enroll in the Commercial register (KvK): For starting our business, we have to enroll in the Commercial register (KvK)

Environment: Weather conditions: My hotel receives guests who come by car or by plane. Due to the bad weather conditions (when there is a heavy weather), the tourist growth are limited because their flight is canceled or because they end up in a traffic jam.

Market research
In order to ensure a successful business, it is useful to provide evidence that the product or service is likely to be bought by customers. The best way...
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