Marketing for a 5 Star Hotel

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I.Executive Summary2

II.Relation to Corporate Goals2

III.Situation Analysis and Trend Forecasting3

IV.Problems and Opportunities5

V.Consumer Analysis6

VI.Marketing Strategy and Tactics7



I.Executive Summary

Our hotel is a bussiness&luxury hotel. Our targeted market segment in made of business persons and families with medium to high income.

The resources needed include only money, approximately 30.000 Euros, that will be divided in the following manner:

- 15.000 Euros - TV Ads

- 10.000 Euros - International Business and Travel Magazines

- 5.000 Euros - gratuities, bonuses, room upgrades, trainings

II.Relation to Corporate Goals

Our hotel is not part of a major hotel chain. However, it does manage 4 other, smaller hotels in the same town. It is best known hotel in Brasov. However, this doesn’t guarantee a good national or international image. The funds for advertising are low, because we can only promote this hotel, and we cannot promote a whole chain (that automatically promotes the brand).

The hotel is a luxury/business hotel. Its targeted market segment is made of medium to high-level income persons. These persons might be businessemen as well as travelers.

The hotel is unique for its location and its history in the town. The fact that Aro Palace is located in the city center, in the old town, is a major advantage. It is a big hotel, and it is perfect for tourists with medium to high level income. They can stay at our hotel, visit the neighbouring towns during the day and go out for a walk or for shopping in the evening.

The next three to five years will bring a „face-lift”. Our hotel will be completely renewed on the outside, but it will also keep its original elements, being part of the historical center.

Our products and services are of high-class. All of our employees are well-trained and they do their jobs properly. We also do random check-ups and hire mistery shoppers to ensure the quality of our services.

Our technical department takes care of all electronics in the hotel. We have high-speed internet connection, video projectors, microphones etc. in the meeting rooms, but we also have modern safe boxes and flat screen TVs in the hotel rooms.

We offer discounts for returning groups. We also have a referral program, in which people can recommend our hotel to other persons. If any of them chooses our hotel, the person who recommended us will receive a discount at his next stay.

Currently we are trying to attract more guests, but we are also focusing on organising events. Our food service is of the best quality in the town, all of our cooking being members of different associations.

We keep our services high, and give different benefits to our guests. Among these benefits, we have free meals included in the room’s price, we offer discounts, we have a contract with a security company that guards the hotel, the rooms and the parking lot.

The key benefit will derive from staying at our hotel is having a pleasant stay, being served by the right persons and getting personalized service.

We might not be part of a hotel chain, but we sure know what we’re doing!

III.Situation Analysis and Trend Forecasting

We have several international companies present in Brasov. Some of these companies are CGS, Vodafone, but we also have banks are chain-supermarkets and chain-hypermarkets. Our hotel can be used for meeting, but also, international or even Romanian businessmen can stay at our hotel while checking up on their businesses or negotiating new proposals.

1. Economic Factors

For the moment the unemployment rate is quite high in Romania. However, the International Airport due in 2012 will offer several tens or hundreds of jobs and it will also allow our city to grow...
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