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Topics: Marriott International, J. Willard Marriott, Hotel Pages: 16 (4552 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Higher Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management

Research Paper

Peggy wong

ApRIL 2010

An Analysis of training systems in JW Marriott Hotel to affect the QGS

Statement of Authenticity

This paper is an original and authentic piece of work carried out by myself. I have fully acknowledged and referenced all secondary sources of information. It has not been presented in whole or in part for assessment elsewhere. I have read the examination regulations and am fully aware of the potential consequences of any breach of them. I understand that supervisor approval does not necessarily contribute to a pass.



I hereby declare that, with effect from the date on which this paper is submitted, I permit it to be copied in whole or in parts without reference to myself, in understanding that such authority applies to single copies made solely for studying purposes and are not published. An additional condition is that acknowledgement is credited to the actual source.

It is a condition that anyone who consults this paper must recognise that the copyright rests with the author and no quotations from the paper or information derived from it may be published unless the source is properly acknowledged.



There is a puzzle for every hotel company: How to satisfy customers? No doubt that satisfied customers would be easily turned into returning customers. However, there are just too many factors that can influence their total experience. For this reason, “Quality guest service” becomes a golden rule and goal in hospitality.

One of the leading hotel, JW Marriott Hotels is the most deluxe and elegant brand in Marriott Inc. Since 1927, there are 39 JW Marriott hotels in worldwide. Obviously, JW Marriott has solved the puzzle in certain degree. This paper has attempted to investigate how JW Marriott hotels achieve quality guest service in training area by using academic research, secondary data and a quantitative survey within HTMi, international hotel school in Swiss.


This paper would not complete without several individuals’ help. They encourage and assist me through the research paper period.

First of all, I would like to thank Ms Mckenzie who supervises my research. She helps and guides me so that I am able to pick my thousand pieces up to make things work. Many colleagues have concerned and offered suggestions especially Ada and Emily. Finally, I would like to thank my family members that they support my study and willing to listen, to love as always.

Table of Contents

List of appendixiii
Table of contentsiv
1. Introductionp.7
2. Literature Reviewp.8
3. Methodologyp.13
4. Findingsp.15
5. Discussion
5.1 To investigate training system in JW Marriott Hotelp.17 5.2 To analyze the performance in JW Marriottp.18
6. Conclusionp. 19
7. Recommendationsp. 20
8. Referencep. 21
9. Appendixp. 26

List of appendix

Figure 2.1 The effectiveness of training model based on Richard 2002

Figure 2.2 Customer Satisfaction Model of Kano

Figure 4.1 Percentage in different departments before and after 2008

Figure 4.2   Percentage in nationality

Figure 5.2 – 1 “JD European Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study: Upper

Upscale Segment”

Appendix 1  Primary survey

1. Introduction

Marriott Inc. was recognized by FORTUNE magazine as “100 Best Companies to Work For”, for the eleventh consecutive years in 2010 (Fortune Magazine 2010). “I take well care of my employees, so, in return, they take care of my customers” (Marriott 2009). It sounds simple, like piece of cake. Based on curiosity, author will reveal the magic so that reader can find out the secret behind the success.

In 1927, J. Willard Marriott opened a...
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