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Topics: Management, Quality assurance, Joseph M. Juran Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: May 24, 2013
He is known for
Pareto principle
Need for wide spread training in quality
Project by Project ,program by program approach to quality •Definition of quality as fitness for use
Like many activities in any organization are planned, quality management should also be planned. Juran’s work envisioned that in an organization, quality management does not happen by accident but has to be planned. Like Deming, he believed that most quality problems in an organization are attributed to poor management. He used the Pareto principle to explain this by saying that80% of the organizations’ quality problems are due to management defects. He mostly focused on process and its problems instead of employees and the errors they make. 2.0 JOSEPH JURAN PHILOSOPHY

Juran come up with 5 philosophies
1.Management is responsible for quality
2.Quality can only be improved through planning
3.Plans and objectives must be specific and measurable
4.Training is essential and it starts at the top
5.A three-step process of planning ,control and improvement is needed 2.1Jurans Quality Approach
He believed that an organization can manage for quality and that quality was something cheap to attain although he does admit that most quality programs that fail is because they don’t realize how difficult it is to develop a new process. Juran came up with a quality trilogy for quality management which comprised of; •Quality planning

Quality improvement
Quality control

1.Quality planning;The role of quality planning is to design a process that will be able to meet established goals under operating conditions. The following are the steps of quality planning; •Identify who are the customers(both internal and External customers) •Determine the needs of those customers

Translate those need to the language of the organization •Develop a product feature that responds to customer needs •Optimize the product features so as to meet both...
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