Hospitality Management

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Level 1 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality
Unit 2 Why the hospitality industry is important Guided Learning Hours: 30 (25 for teaching and learning activities, 5 for assessment activities)

Unit aims
The wider hospitality industry and the seven industries within it, provide a stimulating and challenging world for you to study and work in. Through this unit, you will learn how the everyday lives of people are affected by the important contribution the hospitality industry makes to the UK economy and the local community you live in. You will discover how the world of tourism can affect the hospitality industry, as well as the impact that factors such as major events or natural disasters can have. This unit will include plenty of opportunities for you to visit real hospitality establishments and businesses to build your knowledge and understanding of the industry. During these visits and other learning opportunities, you will also have an opportunity to talk to industry specialists about the hospitality industry and the jobs they do within it.

Assessment Method
This unit is internally assessed.
The assessment for this unit involves planning and reviewing activities to demonstrate the learner’s knowledge and skills. Learners will be expected to take responsibility for their own role and adapt behaviour accordingly. For further information about the requirements for this unit, including controls teachers must refer to the ‘Internal Assessment Specification’. EDI have produced sample assessment material to further specify the requirements for centres.


Learning Outcome

Learners will:

1 Understand the importance of the hospitality industry

Assessment Criteria

Taught Content

Learners can: 1.1 Describe the levels of hospitality revenue and employment locally and nationally. 1.2 Compare the importance of different hospitality establishments to the local community. 1.3 Describe job roles in the local area which are based in the hospitality industry

Learners need to develop understanding of the levels of revenue and employment generated by the hospitality industry on a local and national basis. This will include recognition that the level of employment opportunities reflects the growth of the hospitality industry. Furthermore, they develop their knowledge of how income from these jobs contributes to the economy by feeding back into businesses, for example: by providing jobs (front of house, such as; waiters, bar staff, event managers, receptionists and cruise line pursers and back of house, such as; chefs, maintenance, finance, marketing, human resources) by bringing visitors to the area (eg a local hotel targeting the business and conference market or a major sporting event bringing supporters from other areas) This should build on learners’ knowledge of the wider hospitality industry developed in unit 1, including the range of hospitality industries and the businesses within them. As well as contributing to the local economy, the hospitality industry is important to communities in various ways. Learners need to be able to compare the importance of different hospitality establishments to the local community considering, for example, the importance of: providing venues for local people and visitors in the area to meet sourcing food and beverages through local providers supporting issues of local importance, such as developing tourism packages to support a local wildlife or hiking centre, sponsoring local clubs and societies supporting local schools by giving talks about hospitality and how it contributes to the local economy and community Learners need to explore and develop their understanding of real job roles that are undertaken in the local community across the range of hospitality industries. Additionally they should develop understanding of the earnings and rewards that the industry can offer including career progression and the chance to travel, both nationally and internationally.

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