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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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Research Methods for Hospitality and Tourism Managers
The purpose of this module is to enable students to develop understanding and skills in research design, research methods and research presentation. Learning outcomes
On successful completion of the module, students will be able to: i) critically evaluate a range of research methods that can be applied in a hospitality and tourism context; ii) plan and implement hospitality and tourism research project.  

Indicative content
• Ethics and research
• Research methods
• Research design
• Quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques
• Evaluating and referencing sources
• Presenting research results
• Writing research projects
Learning outcome 1, weighting: 25%:
Students are required to investigate and critically evaluate research methods and tools applicable in a hospitality and tourism management context. Students should give their results as a presentation.  

Students should submit hard copies of all presentation materials, (e.g. PowerPoint or similar, together with speaker’s notes etc), and handouts, plus copies of assessment reports from both assessors  

Learning outcome 2, weighting: 75%:
Students are required to carry out a hospitality and tourism management research project. Students should present the results of their research as a project report of 4000 words.  
Assessment guidance
Learning outcome 1, presentation:
In this assignment students should critically examine a range of research methods and tools applicable to the hospitality and tourism industry, along with any issues associated with them. In doing so they could consider: i) Methods

• deductive vs inductive
• ethics
• surveys
• case studies
• action research
• experiments
• non‐reactive
• sampling and probability assessment
• questionnaires;
• interviews;
• observation;
• records and documents;
• diaries and critical incident reports.
• citations and references
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